Jeff Johnson:

For the past several days at least, Google search results have not
included AMP links on iOS 15, but they still include AMP links on
iOS 14. I’ve determined that Safari’s User-Agent makes the
difference. (You can spoof the User-Agent on iOS using the
Safari web inspector on macOS.) […]

Important Update: I’ve received a statement from Danny
Sullivan, Google’s public search liaison: “It’s a bug specific to
iOS 15 that we’re working on. We expect it will be resolved soon.”

What a weird bug. It’s made weirder by the (I think) coincidence that there are a bunch of popular new extensions for Safari that redirect AMP links to regular non-AMP web pages. I’ve used all three of these extensions, and they’re all great:

  • StopTheMadness — Johnson’s own $8 extension, that offers a whole bunch of functionality to block shitty website behavior.

  • Amplosion — $3 extension from Apollo developer Christian Selig. Wins for best icon for sure.

  • Overamped — $2 extension from Joseph Duffy. Simple and focused.

From the DF archive, January 2017: “The Problem With AMP”.


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