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Spier & Mackay Stretch Cotton Sportcoat – $149 FINAL ($228)

Note: These are final sale. So no returns. None. Zilch. Sizes a bit scattered as of post time, but plenty to choose from, and at a very nice price with the upcoming transition to fall suiting.

Contributor Ryan N in the Spier & Mackay Navy Stretch Cotton Sportcoat

The Spier & Mackay Stretch Cotton Sportcoat. Ryan wears a 36R Slim.
Also available in a more athletic, “contemporary” fit. 

As you may have seen in the recent 10 Tips for Staying Stylish If/When You Become a Dad post, my personal uniform has shifted significantly. Stretch is my number one when it comes to my wardrobe. Versatility is up there, too. So when I heard Spier had made a stretch cotton sportcoat, AND it was on sale, I was all over it (even if I may have possibly reviewed a navy Spier sportcoat before).

Contributor Ryan N in the Spier & Mackay Navy Stretch Cotton Sportcoat

An OCBD is a nice pairing, but don’t be afraid to go full spread collar fine twill. It can do it all.

Now, my workplace was never a sportcoat type of place, at least not for me. I work in IT… it’s just not our typical uniform. We turn things off and then turn them back on again. But if I felt like being a little fancy, and staying comfortable? Maybe hopping on an important Zoom call? This would do the trick. It’s the kind of piece that dresses up or down, moves with you, and while a wool blazer is sharp for all the right reasons, this cotton one doesn’t look “too dressy”, which sometimes wool very much can.

Contributor Ryan N in the Spier & Mackay Navy Stretch Cotton Sportcoat

Dress it up or down. The 97% cotton 3% Spandex makes it just as spiffy with a well-fitted tee.
Jeans shown are Target Goodfellow.

The 97% cotton, 3% Spandex fabric here is lightweight yet substantial. It feels solid in the hand, and is constructed as such that it won’t bend and crease with your every movement like, say, the old Merona Kensington would. This isn’t designed to be a purely casual-wear-only jacket that rumples and gets “character lines”. But.. if you want to go casual with it? It really stands out there, too.

Contributor Ryan N in the Spier & Mackay Navy Stretch Cotton Sportcoat

Sound the trendy klaxon!
If you’re going for a really casual vibe? Layer up with a slim-cut hoodie and still look super sharp.

It’s still dressy, but in a different, subtle way that bends the line between casual and dressed-up. It’s just as at home with a dress shirt as it would be with a light sweater, or in my case, dressing it down pretty good with a merino-blend hoodie (thanks Amazon robots… sadly, they’re not drunk at post time). It’s supremely versatile due to the matte, non-glossy finish that differs from some of Spier’s wool sportcoats.

Spier and Mackay Navy Stretch Cotton Sportcoat Dappered Pockets

A trio of inner pockets include a welt pocket and pen pocket.

Standard Spier & Mackay specs here, and while it may be repetitive to list them in each post, it’s a truly outstanding list that bears repeating. You just shouldn’t be able to get some of this stuff at the price points Spier offers. The original $228 USD price was more than fair, but $149? For unpadded, shirt-style Spalla Camicia shoulders, a Barchetta (curved) chest pocket, genuine bull horn buttons, 1/4 butterfly Bemberg lining, custom-made fabric.. and a perfect fit? Lotta guys won’t even need these tailored. That’s quite the value.

Contributor Ryan N in the Spier & Mackay Navy Stretch Cotton Sportcoat

Non-functional cuffs, as always, make for easy tailoring if you need it.

There’s a lot of nice bells and whistles, too. That Bemberg butterfly lining is a sharp red, which contrasts very satisfyingly with the dark, inky navy. Cuff buttons are, as always, tailor-friendly and non-functional. The notch lapel is classic width, perhaps a touch on the wider side, as their lapels have been lately. On the front you’ve got two patch pockets to go with that curved chest pocket, and a trio of inner pockets round out the bunch.

Contributor Ryan N in the Spier & Mackay Navy Stretch Cotton Sportcoat

Barely-there 1/4 butterfly Bemberg lining. Wears super comfortable and breezy.

For me, Spier sizing is dead-on and I don’t have any issue when ordering my size. They do a solid job with consistent sizing and I haven’t been disappointed by what I order. (**Pause for maximum impact of the following profundity**)… The size is the size. For this particular slim-fit cut, the shoulders fit right, the waist lays close without being too tight, and the arms hit where they should on me. It passes the arm raise test, and the double vented back lays perfectly without being chopped.

So, if you know your size and are in need of a solid, three-season sportcoat? You really, really can’t go wrong here. For some it may even be a bit more versatile than a wool blazer, given how much farther you can take it down the casual side.

Contributor Ryan N in the Spier & Mackay Navy Stretch Cotton Sportcoat


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