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Amazon Goodthreads for Men F/W 2020

NOTE: Amazon’s annual Prime Day launches tomorrow, 10/13. No clue if this stuff will go on sale during the annual big bash “celebrating” Uncle Jeff’s Internet Emporium. We’ll update if it does.

Amazon’s house-brand “Goodthreads ” has been on a gradual rise for the past 18-or-so months. Amazon, like Target’s in-house Goodfellow & Co brand, are both, ahem, good options for men on a budget wanting to put together a wardrobe, or get a few basics, for a bargain price. That said, brands have to continuously improve and innovate to keep pace with their competitors. We reviewed last year’s fall / winter collection in detail, and this year, 2020’s collection thematically leans into modern Americana style. There are a lot of wheelhouse items in classic fall tones with a few standouts.

For a fit perspective, I’m 5’7″ / 175lbs. Sizes vary for each piece, both for the tops and bottoms, and are noted with each piece. Let’s get after it with this selection of Goodthreads goods for fall/winter 2020.


Goodthreads Slim-Fit 5-Pocket Comfort Stretch Chino – $30

Goodthreads Slim-Fit 5-Pocket Comfort Stretch Chino

Pictured here in a 33 x 29, this chino pant is certainly impressive. Second place overall from this batch from the Amazon exclusive in-house brand. The stretch comes from the 1% Elastane in this almost-entirely cotton pant, and has more than enough comfort for day-long wear. With a gently tapered leg and a slim thigh, it fits close. For this writer, the fit in the thigh was extremely comfortable, but combined with a thinner fabric and a bigger leg [thunder thighs], the hand pockets were quite visible. It’s a small foible, but one nonetheless to note in case that might be a detraction. Otherwise, the material finish and overall construction was comfortable and impressive for the price point. At $30, these are tough to beat, and Amazon offers a variety of colors to choose from. It’s likely you’ll find something to fit your taste. The “fatigue” color pictured above is my favorite – and we should all strive to wear more green this fall.


Goodthreads Slim-Fit Washed Chino Drawstring Pant – $30

Goodthreads Slim-Fit Washed Chino Drawstring Pant

These pants are an attempt at cashing in on the never-say-die athleisure movement, using subtle nods to the trend with a drawstring and stretch waistband. Shown above is a size Medium with a 28L leg. The pant has a slight taper, nothing significant, but a slimmer fit in the thigh. Luckily, there is PLENTY of stretch. 97% cotton and 3% elastane allow for just about any movement short of a bonafide run. Seriously, you could take these to the gym and do squats, though I don’t recommend it. They are cotton, after all. This is an ideal pair of pants for the home office on a casual Friday- a step up from a pair of excellent Adidas Tiros, but more casual comfort than a Bonobos chino.


Goodthreads Standard-Fit Long-Sleeve Chambray Shirt – $18ish

Goodthreads Standard-Fit Long-Sleeve Chambray Shirt

Truth be told, I wasn’t sure what to make of this. This isn’t an item I would typically purchase for myself, but for some reason, I found myself drawn to it. Amazon says this chambray fabric is made in a 100% tumbled cotton for a soft but sturdy feel, and they’re not bluffing. The shirt felt substantial, but with a soft feel and a complex heathered fabric with white dot pattern. There is quite a lot going on visually. As a collection of parts, it’s extraordinarily busy. But, as a whole, it just works. Goodthreads has consistency issues with their fits. This standard-fit medium fits much better than a large slim (you’ll see that fit on another shirt, we’ll get there). Typically, the difference between standard medium/large slim shouldn’t be so drastic, but that’s the case with Goodthreads. So be warned. For less chesty fellows, this is nice way to add a pop of color to your fall wardrobe.


Goodthreads Quilted Vest – $40

Goodthreads Quilted Vest


Built of 100% Nylon, this isn’t made of the most sophisticated material, but it does the trick aesthetically and functionally. No swish-swish here. Makes for a great layering piece under a jacket. There’s almost no puff, and the quilt offers much appreciated visual depth and texture. The ribbed elastic collar gives off a sporting vibe, too. This is my “best bang for the buck” pick of the collection. You could end up paying a lot more somewhere else, and get stuck with a lot less. Not here. Nicely done, Goodthreads. Size shown above is a medium.


Goodthreads Long-Sleeve Lightweight Slub Henley – $20

Goodthreads Long-Sleeve Lightweight Slub Henley

Size shown here is a large. An absolute basic. There is nothing remarkable about this henley, nor anything especially offensive. For $20, you could do a lot worse, but for a little more coin, you could do exceptionally better. Stay tuned for a best henley roundup in the coming weeks. The slub cotton fabric offers minimal stretch, and isn’t especially soft. This is a functional shirt, best used for layering as seen with the quilted vest above. Raglan sleeve construction is a solid value add at this low price point and offers more movement and thus, more comfort. You wouldn’t go wrong buying this, but your happiness will greatly depend on your physique.


Goodthreads Athletic-Fit Jean – $22 – $40

Goodthreads Athletic-Fit Jean

The pricing on these jeans is all over the map, darned algorithms. The 32x29L shown above rang in at $21, but a single size up in length will run $40. Good luck. Even at $40, Goodthreads offers a mighty fine jean for the price. This pair fared quite well during our athletic jean roundup last fall, coming in third place behind two much pricier pairs of denim, and this year’s pair feels and appears to be unchanged. 98% Cotton, 2% elastane for a good bit of stretch, and quality construction from the hardware to the stitching. An athletic cut provides a proper, gentle taper to the ankle and plenty of room for the #ThunderThigh crowd.


Goodthreads Men’s Soft Cotton Shawl Cardigan – $22 ($35)

Goodthreads Men's Soft Cotton Shawl Cardigan

Classic house sweater, but in a thinner form. Think of this as a sharper-looking hoodie alternative. Depending upon the cut and your physique, a shawl collar cardigan is an easy way to add visual heft to your upper body and increase your visual musculature. The vintage white color of this cardigan is classic, but you might be better served with a darker color for both the season and for accentuating an athletic physique. 100% cotton lends a soft feel, and is typical of a sweater of this type below $100. Without any cable knit weaving or other constructive flourishes, the overall build feels a bit lacking for a shawl cardigan. It isn’t “bad” by any means, but it isn’t an item I recommend seeking out. Size shown here is a medium.

UPDATE: Looks like these are a pre-prime-day-deal, and are on sale today 10/12. Nice.


Goodthreads Slim-Fit Wrinkle Resistant Comfort Stretch Oxford Shirt with Easy Care – $30

Goodthreads Slim-Fit Wrinkle Resistant Comfort Stretch Oxford Shirt with Easy Care

***WORST IN SHOW*** (sorry, but it’s true)

Hang on, (deep breath)… “Slim-Fit Wrinkle Resistant Comfort Stretch Oxford Shirt with Easy Care”… Got all that? Oof. Amazon’s product team needs to improve their naming, not just the product itself. This was, by far, my least favorite garment in the collection. The fabric was rough, and the cut was not slim whatsoever. Pictured is a size Large Slim, a size I wear in most slim-fit tops, and there’s a considerable amount of fabric billowing in the torso. It’s supposedly a stretch, with a 98% cotton and 2% elastane blend, but it simply was so large I didn’t have much opportunity to give it a stretch test. Unfortunately, the construction and build quality on this piece did not match up with the rest of the items. Loose threads abounded, especially a few too many that made unbuttoning the shirt out of the package quite the chore to keep the buttons from popping off. This was a disappointment.


Goodthreads Sherpa Fleece Fullzip Jacket – $50

Goodthreads Sherpa Fleece Fullzip Jacket


Who would have thought a mountaineering staple like Sherpa would be “on trend,” yet here we are. Form meets function. If you, dear reader, are like me and are all-in on the outdoorsy, mountain man trend, you will love this jacket. Shown here in a size Medium, this jacket is 100% polyester fabric, but it’s a high-quality soft touch fleece. My guess is that this will keep you warm through November during the day, and can serve the role of a “house sweater” if the traditional shawl collar cardigan or chunky fisherman sweater isn’t your style. If they are? This sherpa fleece still fills a stylistic role, and deserves a place in any guy’s closet for the fall and winter. Goodthreads offers a few colors, but this burgundy option is a beautiful deep, rich tone. Goodthreads absolutely nailed the construction, fabric, fit, overall style and value proposition on this one. Best in show, for good reason.


Final Thoughts

The shift from niche workwear styling to more of modern/classic mix will likely yield more buyers. Whereas last year’s collection was more focused, this year is a bit all over the place with less consistency. Luckily, Amazon offers free shipping and returns, but your success will greatly depend upon how Goodthreads inconsistent sizing works with your specific physique. Goodthreads is still a young brand, and there is much work to be done, but the standout pieces like the Sherpa jacket, athletic fit jeans, and slim 5 pocket chinos, offer promise for collections yet to come.

About the Author: Jason P. spends his days working in the creative marketing department of a big telecom company. He also does a bit of real estate investing on the side. He believes in curating a timeless, classic wardrobe with subtle modern touches for today. He and his wife love hiking with their dog and shopping at local small businesses and antique stores when they travel. Jason is a practitioner of muay thai and traditional boxing, and his favorite drink is a hoppy New England IPA.

Got something from the Amazon brands Goodthreads or Buttoned Down that should have made this fall round up? Send those tips into joe@dappered.com. Big thanks to Jason for taking their new goods for a spin!


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