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Ikepod, the quirky Swiss watch company adored by watch snobs, is back in action. Its super streamlined timepieces got are getting even sleeker with the launch of the Seapod, an ultra-refined dive watch created with love by designer Fabrice Gonet, known for making far more fanciful watches than the understated Seapod.

For the Seapod, Gonet united two timeless Ikepood styles: the cult Seaslug from 1996 and the UFO from 1997. The seapod takes the latter’s rotating bezel and the slim profile of the former to create a very contemporary-looking timepiece, one that draws from a heritage similar to Marc Newsom’s Hemipode. The Seapod, however goes even plainer, stripping back extraneous details in favor of an ultra-refined facade.

There are three Seapod styles on hand here, each named for a famous diver. There’s the S001 Zale (Zale Perry), the S002 Jacques (Jacques Cousteau), and the S003 François (François Imbeau-Dulac), each similarly detailed but slightly differnt.

The Zale and Jacques, for instance, both sport rotund silver bezels but offer uniquely colored hands — the Jacques even has a strap to match. Meanwhile, the François timepiece is coated in PVD, so the entire timepiece is black, rather than just the strap and face.

Otherwise, these are all slim and trim lugless timepieces, laden with luminova on the hands to make time-telling on the sapphire-glassed 46mm case extra simple, even when diving down to 200 meters.

The Zale and Jacques iterations of the Seapod are currently available in limited quantities on Ikepod’s website for $1,650 apiece, while the PVD-coated François weighs in slightly higher at $1,750.


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