Do you have a website and are having trouble installing Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools?

Then you have come to the right place. Because I am a professional tracking master and SEO expert.

Analytics & Webmaster Tools Update, Search Console are free and very important tools for Your Web site!

What is the difference between Google Search Console and Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is user-oriented, providing data related to those who visit and interact with your website. Google Search Console, on the other hand, is search-engine focused, providing tools and insights that can help site owners improve visibility and presence in the SERPs

I am a professional SEO & web designer expert. I have been providing my services in various marketplaces of Word since 2014.
I have my own Online IT department (FreeLancingIT) where I am as CEO. Through my IT department, I provide training in SEO, Web Design, and Digital Marketing.

Detailed Statistics to track the Traffic eCommerce conversions and sales Traffic Sources Follow Daly Google visitor in your website Improve your website’s SEO based on data. And lot more for your website. FEATURED My Web Analytics GIG. Analytics Integration Webmaster Tools Integration XML sitemap Exclude Bots visits from Analytics tracking Robots.txt
I can help you setup Analytics and Webmaster Tools for any Web CMSs and Frameworks including WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Wix, osCommerce, Drupal, etc.

Thank You

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