✅ Read everything before placing the order.Hello, I am Md. Makhluk Hasan. I will setup Schema Markup rich snippets, structured data for your website to increase your sales and to get Rich Results in google search. Schema markup for Google to understand about your page or post. Schema Markup is a javascript code in a specific JSON-LD format that helps search engines better to help to understand the content of your site.Benefits to use Schema to your website:✅ Search engines will understand your brand, services, products etc✅ Better clicks-Through Rates✅ Higher chance to top ranking on search engine result page✅ Increase Sales and Higher Rank for your website on the top of Google Search.✅ Provide customers/users with the best possible information about your products and services easily✅ Better marketing opportunitySearch Engine supports rich snippets for the following data types: ✅ Article✅ Book✅ Breadcrumb✅ Carousel✅ Course✅ Critic review✅ Data set✅ Employer Aggregate Rating✅ Estimated salary✅ Event✅ FAQ✅ Home Activities✅ How-to✅ Image License✅ Job Training✅ Local Business✅ COVID-19 EventWhy Hire me?✅ 100% satisfaction guarantee✅ Due time delivery

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