Hello, Your Service, Honesty, Confidence Is My Main Goal. I’m Arman To Served SEO Related Job. I Work Professionally On SEO. Choosing the right keywords for your business to target is the most crucial part of SEO.

Keyword Research is the 1st and most important step for SEO. If you don’t invest in proper research, all the work afterward, will be useless and a big waste of time and money.

If you want to rank the 1st page on a Search Engine, you will need the best profitable keyword for your website.

Keyword Report Includes:

1.List of Keywords

2.Monthly Search Volume (Local and Global)

3.Cost per click (CPC)

4.Da, Pa, all in title, all in URL

5.KWs Difficulty

6.Content Ideas

7.Low Competitor

Competitors Report includes:

1.Competitor basic metrics (Domain Authority, Site age, etc)

2.Backlinks analysis

3.Content Analysis

4.Social Shares

5.Reveal the strategy which competitor is using to rank.

Why Choose Me?

More Traffic and Increased Sales

100% Satisfaction

Competitor Backlinks & keyword

Fast Delivery

What Do I Need To Start?

1.Your Niche/Keyword

2.Your URL

3.Targeted Country

If you have any questions, Feel free to drop me a message.

Please order here and Enjoy My service.

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