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Huckberry Up to 35% off Summer Sale 2021

It’s been said before but it’s worth a reminder. Huckberry doesn’t perpetually run sales, codes, and promos. So when they DO do a sale, it’s worth sticking your digital attention above the parapet to see what they, purveyors of high performing & great looking gear, are up to.

There’s a lot of warm weather gear in this sale, but there’s plenty of year-round stuff too. Over 1400 items are in their sale at launch. Free shipping kicks in at $98, and while there are sometimes a small amount of final sale items kicking about, the vast majority of it should return for free. Which is nice! Off we go with some of our favorites from this event.


PROOF Nomad Tech Shorts – $47.98 ($68)

PROOF Nomad Tech Shorts Sale

Tech shorts for guys who don’t want to go the super-cheap/flimsy route. Made from breathable, two-way stretch Japanese Toray tech twill. Soft hand-feel is comparable to midweight chino. Matte black hardware. Treated with breathable DWR water-resistant coating to keep spills and surprise storms at bay. Available in either 9″ or 7″ inseams. One of the more popular items in Huckberry’s catalog of great looking, extremely well performing gear. Ships free at $98, so, might be worth picking up a couple of colors (but only if you need shorts) to keep it risk free. Returns are free in case they don’t work out.


Free Fly Breeze Pant – $58.98 ($84.95)

Free Fly Breeze Pant

Tech e-waist pants made for anything. No elastic at the cuffs for a less casual look, but they do have draw-cords down there in case you want to cinch them up to keep water/bugs/rogue chipmunks out.


Rhodes Tyler Chukka – $113.98 ($175) | Blake Chelsea – $128.98 ($198)

Rhodes Boots

Hot dang those chukkas. They are legitimately something. Head here for a full review. The “Caliber” collection is a new addition to the Rhodes line of boots by Huckberry. Soles are inspired by workwear boots that cushion, and look pretty darn good. Especially if you’re the type who loves to wear boots year round, and the heavier lug soles of winter just look too out of place in spring and summer.


Free Fly Swell Hybrid Short – Lined 8″ – $59.98 ($74.95)

Free Fly Swell Hybrid Short

One of those pairs of shorts that can do the swim/store/beach bar/run/beer run/back to the beach bar thing. All while looking good and feeling great. Boxer brief liner keeps things in check. Made from a pretty interesting fabric blend: 45% coconut husk fiber, 42% polyester, 13% spandex.


Relwen Windbreak Blazer – $260.98 ($348)

Relwen Windbreak Blazer

One of those easy blazers that should look good with just about anything. ANOTHER item (like the Rolfex Chelsea/Chukka/Hybrids) that should help bridge that gap between dressed down and kinda sorta dressed up. Shell is 58% cotton and 42% nylon and a 3-ply waterproof, breathable laminate. Lightly structured. From their hugely popular field line, so it’s got details like a throat latch & game pocket. Wear the crap outta it.


Astorflex Rolflex – $119.98 ($185)

Astorflex Rolflex

Absolutely love these things. Got the suede pair and I find myself having to find excuses NOT to wear them every single day. They go great with tech chinos and a polo in the heat. They’ll do great with jeans and sweaters in the fall. A mashup of a chelsea boot and a desert boot, with sneaker like comfort. Perfect for dressing up a bit without looking like you’re really dressing up. For a fit perspective, I’m normally a 10.5 D and the size 10 here (no half sizes with this model) fits me perfect. They suggest sizing down if you’re in-between.


lululemon Metal Vent Tech Long Sleeve 2.0 – $61.98 ($88)

lululemon Metal Vent Tech Long Sleeve 2.0

Great googly moogly! Lululemon, in wheelhouse basic colors, on sale AND you can return it? That doesn’t even happen direct through Lululemon (their sale section is always weird colors and final sale). Their metal vent tech stuff is terrific too. No cotton here. All tech. Fights stink, wicks, breathes like crazy.


Barbour Bedale Wax Jacket – $239.98 ($400) | Beaufort Wax Jacket – $248.98 ($415)

Barbour Jackets

Steep savings on timeless Barbour beauts. Sure, it’s not “weathery” out right now. But it will be at some point. Both ship and return for free.


Barbour Ashby Wax Jacket – $248.98 ($415)

Barbour Ashby Wax Jacket

More Barbour. “A more tailored version of their famed Bedale riding jacket.” Ah. That helps. Also ships/returns for free.


45 Brand Made in the USA Tees 3 for $95 (reg. $35 per)

45 Brand Made in the USA Tees

Still running these buy three save ten bucks deal. Slub pocket crews. Curved hem tees. Basic crews made out of Supima cotton. They’re not a $9 Target t-shirt, but that’s not what they’re going for. Reviewed over here in our best tees of the summer round up.


Made in the USA Flint and Tinder French Terry Sweatpants – $56.98 ($88)

Made in the USA Flint and Tinder French Terry Sweatpants

If you’re gonna “sweat pants“… do the sweat pants thing right. And this is right. Made in the USA. Midweight French terry. These ain’t crappy bargain fast fashion sweats.


Raen Optics Aren – Huckberry Exclusive – $139.98 ($175)

Raen Optics Aren

Was tempted by these as soon as they landed, but $175 is steep. Now, $140 is nothing for ZZ Top to sing about, but it’s still something.


Made in the USA Flint and Tinder Waxed Flight Jacket – $148.98 ($198)

Made in the USA Flint and Tinder Waxed Flight Jacket

Classic good looks. Made in the USA. Waxed for a bit of weather resistance. Lined in chambray. Fair price, especially considering you’re investing in a USA made good.


Made in the USA Periodic Table Canvas Art – $203.98 ($255)

Made in the USA Periodic Table Canvas Art

I swear this thing was in my Sophomore year Chemistry Class. Mrs. Muncie HATED Eric Taylor and I. And we were both, really, really good kids. But when we got together we’d never shut up. Because Eric was hilarious, and always riffing on something. Hard to learn about isotopes when Eric’s cracking wise about the latest nonsense/gossip making the rounds of your average American High School. We had to be separated. It was sad. I still didn’t understand a thing.


Made in the USA 1733 VX21 Ripstop Bookbag – $129.98 ($200)

Made in the USA 1733 VX21 Ripstop Bookbag

Speaking of School. Made in Chicago! Has a laptop sleeve, a super smart quick-access EDC pocket up top, and waterproofing throughout.


Huckberry Exclusive “The Pike” Pocket Knife from The James Brand – $89.98 ($120)

Huckberry Exclusive "The Pike" Pocket Knife from The James Brand

It’s a traditional style pocket knife, so, no locking mechanism. But hot heck on toast does it look gorgeous. Maybe a gift for someone? A substantial reward for yourself? Even on sale, that’s a heavy price to pay.


Marine Layer Slim Fit Saturday Jogger – $71.98 ($110)

Marine Layer Slim Fit Saturday Jogger

Chino/jogger hybrids. So you get the cool crispness of chino, with the comfort and looks of a jogger. Marine Layer stuff just isn’t cheap (more than a few of us have had sticker shock opening up a snail mail catalog of theirs and seeing prices…) So, nice to see at least some sort of a price cut here.


Asics Gel-Quantum 360 – $112.98 ($150)

Asics Gel-Quantum 360

GORPcore fighter jets for your feet, without the huge Salomon brand upsell price. Sorta a hybrid trail sneaker/future shoe.


Astorflex Midflex – $128.98 ($198)

Astorflex Midflex

Mighty mean looking boot there. Also available in a waxed gray. Don’t sleep on gray as a shoe/boot color. It’s more versatile than you think.


Wipebook Pro+ – $37.98 ($45)

Wipebook Pro+

Mrs. Dappered got me one of these for my birthday, and I’m a convert. For the note takers. The doodlers. The worriers. Helps clear up clutter (be gone post-it notes!), is easy to erase when tasks are done, and heck if it all gets too much? Close it. Close the damn cover. Close. It.


Flint & Tinder 365 Shorts – 2 pairs for $108 (reg. $64 per)

Flint & Tinder 365 Shorts

NOT tech shorts. So, great for guys who don’t like tech shorts! Gotta buy two pairs, but once you do that the price drops to $108 total ($54 per, usually $64 per) and Huckberry ships for free at $98 too. So yeah, free shipping + returns = always a good thing. Available in either 7″ or 9″ inseams.


OBRA 240 Canvas Low Wrap Toe Sneaker – $77.98 – $90.98 ($130)

OBRA 240 Canvas Low Wrap Toe Sneaker

New favorites. Lightyears more substantial feeling than Chucks, but still super easy to wear and pair with just about anything. The materials and feel of the solid construction really are a noticeable few steps up. No full rubber cap toe like Chucks, but the extra reinforced rubber around the edges gives it a nice look, and really does feel solid. Supportive cushioning. Extra padding around the collar. Made from industrial grade canvas that is slightly rigid right out of the box, breaks in shockingly well within 48 hours (at least they did for me, after I picked up my black pair a few months back). I thought the blue heel tab would look/feel cheesy, but it’s anything but. It’s a high quality, soft, grosgrain style fabric, and I think it adds quite a bit to the look. Made in a family owned factory in Brazil. Total convert here. Love ’em.


OBRA 240 Canvas Slip-on Wrap-Toe – $71.98 – $83.98 ($120)

OBRA 240 Canvas Slip-on Wrap-Toe

Annnnnnnd the slip on version, if that’s more your thing.


UNLINED Made in the USA Waxed Truckers – $130.98 ($188)

Huckberry: UNLINED Made in the USA Waxed Trucker Jackets

It’s the spring/summer/early fall version of their hugely popular made in the USA waxed trucker from Flint and Tinder. No toasty flannel or wool lining to these. Unlined. Still made in the USA. Made from British Millerain’s Tekwax Evolution 6 fabric, which is lightweight and breathes. Four colors to pick from here: Black, Brown, Field Tan, and Forest, although colors are starting to move fast. Was $150 during the long weekend sale back in May. Now an extra $20 off.


Wellen ’66 Stretch Boardshort – $53.98 ($68)

Wellen '66 Stretch Boardshort

Those look terrific. A true boardshort though. That means no liner. So you better be good with letting your dingle dangle.


Olly Day Lamp – $70.98 ($89)

Olly Day Lamp

A nifty little “happy light” you can easily move around your house, or travel with. Exposure to sunlight is what sets your circadian rhythm and boosts hormones like vitamin D and serotonin. If you’re stuck inside a lot of the day, or live in a really cloudy climate, your Suprachiasmatic Nucleus, the cells that set your body clock, can make that clock a little wonky. Light therapy from a full spectrum light can help get your body clock back on track, and they provide nice bright light for online video meetings. That said, the battery doesn’t last super long, so, be prepared to leave it plugged in.


Made in the USA Flint and Tinder Short Sleeve Slub Henley – $61.98 ($78)

Made in the USA Flint and Tinder Short Sleeve Slub Henley

For those that really value Made in the USA. Because $62 for a henley is pushing the budget for some of us (if not flat out breaking it). But Flint and Tinder really does make nice stuff.


Made in the USA Flint and Tinder Lightweight Stretch Chinos – $96.98 ($129)

Made in the USA Flint and Tinder Lightweight Stretch Chinos

More (spendy) F&T. Flint and Tinder’s famous chinos, only in a lighter weight with stretch for the warmer weather. And these are still made in the USA. Full review here if you’d like it.


MUNICIPAL Crossover Short – $65.98 ($88)

MUNICIPAL Crossover Short

Not your average drawstring short. Double layered construction with a stretchy cotton micro-perforated outer and a spandex/modal interior. Wide stripes on the waistband.


SeaVees Hawthorne Slip On – $65.98 ($88)

SeaVees Hawthorne Slip On

Relaxed slip on sneakers. Prints are big. Big enough that they’ve moved to shoes.


Marathon 36mm MSAR Automatic – $734.98 ($1,050)

Marathon 36mm MSAR Automatic

Now, that’s a lot of money. But if you want a sporty, tough, do anything and go anywhere watch without the bulk that usually comes with divers and other tool style watches? This 36mm option is about as good as it gets. Swiss made. 300m water resistance. Sapphire crystal.


Rhodes Footwear Huxley Boot in Dark Brown Roughout – $142.98 ($220)

Rhodes Footwear Huxley Boot in Dark Brown Roughout

FINALLY. The “roughout” option goes on sale at long last. These are great boots, but the smooth leather option just doesn’t look as good as the roughout does. Something about the shape being somewhere between slim dress boot and hard wearing work boot. Roughout just looks better here. Full review can be found over this way if you want it, albeit in the smooth leather option. Fit is a half size large. So, size down by half and you should be good.


PROOF Shift Knit Tech Pullover – $63.98 ($98)

PROOF Shift Knit Tech Pullover

From their in-house, excellent brand PROOF. They of the 72-hour merino collection and also of the already mentioned NOMAD tech shorts. All poly that they say is soft and stretchy and good for four season wear.


Free Fly Bamboo Fleece Jogger – $54.98 – $58.98 ($84)

Free Fly Bamboo Fleece Jogger

Free Fly’s bamboo stuff is weirdly soft. Not sure of the science behind it, but whatever they’re doing, it’s impressive. 68% viscose (the baboo stuff), 29% polyester, 3% spandex blend.


Rhodes Chelsea boots – $108.98 ($198) or Cap Toe Boots – $126.98 ($230)

Huckberry Rhodes Boots

Boot season will be here before you know it (please let it be so). Made in the proud shoe & boot hub that is Leon Mexico, these are Goodyear Welted and seriously impressed our shoe man Adam.


BentoStack Charge 8000 – $64.98 ($100)

BentoStack Charge 8000

For the Apple fans. This thing is an organizer and charging hub all in one. Stackable layers organize your accessories while the power bank lets you charge up to three devices at once. Nifty.


Made in the USA Flint and Tinder Henley Sweatshirt – $68.98 ($98)

Made in the USA Flint and Tinder Henley Sweatshirt

“But I want a sweatshirt.” “But I want a henley.” Well here you have both. Made in the USA too. French terry, rubber buttons, chest pocket. Nicely done. Also available in a washed navy.


Rhodes Footwear The Wool House Shoe – $68.98 ($138)

Rhodes Footwear The Wool House Shoe

I think the entire WFH thing introduced a lot of guys to the world of house shoes. Temperature regulating wool blend uppers. Leather footbed molds to the shape of your foot over time for a personalized fit.


Flint and Tinder Quilted Flight Jacket – $121.98 ($188)

Flint and Tinder Quilted Flight Jacket

Warmer than the already mentioned waxed version. Could be a terrific investment for the fall weather coming in a couple of months., From our man Ryan: You’ve got classic pilot looks, but a little more warmth, and zero bulk. It’s about as bulky as a packable down jacket. That kind of versatility pays big dividends when you’re not sure what kind of weather you’ll be up against. I mean, classic flight jackets were designed for fighter pilots in open WWI cockpits, so.. it should probably be able to handle a cool afternoon into a past-chilly night with ease, right? Full review here. Also available in Navy.


Astorflex Bitflex in “Militare” – $126.98 ($195)

Astorflex Bitflex in "Militare"

More Astorflex, this time in true Chelsea boot form. Natural rubber sole. Still made in Italy.


Made in the USA Flint and Tinder Reversible French Terry Sweatshirt – $50.98 ($78)

Made in the USA Flint and Tinder Reversible French Terry Sweatshirt

It’s two (two!) two sweatshirts in one. Made in the USA too.


PROOF Stealth Down Vest – $110.98

PROOF Stealth Down Vest

Big fan of PROOF. The Huckberry exclusive brand is modern without looking spacey, and rugged while still looking awesome in the city. Super lightweight here. Nice to know that the down is certified by the Responsible Down Standard. Vest season, like boot season, will return before you know it. Hopefully.


Spantan Handheld Kindling Splitter – $24.98 ($35)

That’s friggin’ brilliant.

The big annual Huckberry summer sale runs through this upcoming Monday, 7/26. We miss something that should have been included in the above picks? Send those tips to joe@dappered.com.


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