Happy Casual Friday guys!  How cool is it that this country lets you have casual Fridays? At least for some of us right? I am lucky to work from home so It’s “too casual Friday” almost everyday for me lol.

It’s funny how we always want what we don’t have. Now that I work from home, many days I wish I had to suit up and go to a downtown office to work and then yet the guy downtown probably wishes he could work from home.

Well point being: be grateful for what you have and for the life you are living!  Everything is a blessing when you have big enough vision to see through and manifest the good in all things.

Casual Look:

Layering is always something I keep in mind so here I am layering a Givenchy t-shirt with a sweatshirt and classic leather jacket. Joggers are another staple in my closet and of course my Nikes.  Keep colors in mind staying pretty monotone is a good thing,

Enjoy the weekend!

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