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About the Author: Adam Terry is Dappered’s resident shoe & denim expert. He’s a thirtysomething Technical Trainer in the heating and manufacturing industry. He enjoys bourbon, boots, sneakers, and raw denim. He’s also a new(ish) dad!

Per Yahoo Finance (and PRNewswire), over 80% of consumers received a gift card during the 2019 holiday season, while gift card sales were up seven percent over 2018’s totals. I’d be willing to bet that a large percentage of us Dappered readers received some of that fantastic plastic. In this new series titled How to Spend It, we’re curating a bunch of items from a selection of stores you might/most likely got a gift card to (some very Dappered-y, some less so because Aunt Karen wasn’t sure). Our goal is to show you what’s worth it at various price points. You CAN spend it all in one place, dear!

Note: We’re gonna try our best, but Macy’s has over 27,000 items categorized under men’s clothing, and pricing, sizes, and availability will vary greatly due to Macy’s ripping through stock and churning through sales like crazy. So check online and at your local store… if it’s not one of the dozens of stores planned to be shut down in 2020.


Under $50


Macy’s has over 12,500 men’s clothing items and accessories priced under $50. That’s… a lot of stuff. So, big haystack. But also more than a few needles, as shown above. As is always the case with Macy’s, their constant sales and promos can really whip prices around. So waiting a day or two could net savings.


Under $100


In the sub-$100 price tier, you can really luck into some great items on sale. Also, who’s up for some Sonic the Hedgehog??


Under $200


The sub-$200 tier is loaded with items both good and bad. Bad if you’re not careful, but we are, that’s why you’re here, right? We hope? Lots of expensive fast fashion stuff in this tier, but we’re sticking to stuff that’s known to be of decent quality and worth your time.


Under $300


Why $300? It’s a great starting point for nice dress shoes, a stylish winter coat, or an entry level suit.


Under $500


These are the stretch goals or the luxury splurge pieces. Even if you didn’t receive a gift card this large, maybe you want to make a sizeable dent in something that’s “investment” worthy.


Over $500


Just for kicks, here are a few really, really expensive gems that you might consider if you have the means.

Did you get a giftcard this season and don’t know how to spend it? Stay tuned for more stores as our series continues next week


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