Whilst he may be most famous for his legendary crooning, John Legend also has a growing reputation as a style icon, with top brand names vying to be associated with the star.

John Legend has a traditionally preppy style, but with a contemporary twist. When he’s in the studio recording or playing the family man at home he leans towards jeans and khaki, but for more formal occasions you can always count on him to wear a button-up shirt and a well-fitting single breasted blazer.

He’s smooth, he’s stylish, and he has a gorgeous wife: John Legend truly is the man who has everything! Want to recreate John Legend’s look and incorporate his style into your own? Here’s how:

Pick a Pea Coat

One of John Legend’s favorite pieces is the modern pea coat in either camel, black or navy blue. Perfect for the upcoming fall weather, the pea coat is a versatile piece that can be worn over a suit or blazer for a formal business look, or used to elevate a basic tee and jeans into an outfit that is stylish and fashion-forward.

The key to pulling off the pea coat is to ensure that it is perfectly tailored: it should fit like a glove across the shoulders and sit comfortably across the hip. Pop the collar, as John himself is so fond of doing, for an effortless way to inject rakish and fashion-forward style. This is one piece that will leave you looking like a real legend!

The pea coat is perfect for fall because it doesn’t have the bulk of a longer-line winter coat, however it is also a versatile investment piece because (with the right scarf and other accessories) it is a coat warm enough to wear all winter long. Here are some of our favourite pea coats to invest in this season:

Style Your Sneakers

John Legend favours white-soled sneakers for all but the most formal occasions. If he isn’t wearing a suit (when he almost always adds a brogue) then John Legend is wearing his favourite sneakers.

John Legend is not a tall man, but he uses the shoes he chooses to create the illusion of extra height: If you’re also vertically challenged then make like a Legend and get this look right by coordinating the colour of your sneakers with the colour of your pants, to create a tonal look that will elongate your legs.

Always choose sneakers with a thick white sole (this is also a great way of adding an extra few cm to your height if you need it) for an immediately sporty aesthetic, no matter what else you’re wearing.

John Legend tends to stick to heritage brands when choosing sneakers. With his famous Nike commercial still timelessly popular, it’s no wonder that he often opts for Nike shoes.

However, he also has other classic brands in his repertoire, such as Old-School Adidas, Converse and Puma.

Most of us have a pair of sneakers from one of these brands in our closet: using them to add a casual look to even the most formal of outfits is a great way to inject John Legend’s laid back style into your own wardrobe.

Darken Your Denim

Whilst most people lean towards a lighter denim wash during the warmer months, John Legend sticks with more fashion-forward darker denim all year round.

His favorite denim is deep dark black, but he has also been spotted wearing washed out black and deep, rich indigo blue. Whichever shade you prefer one thing is clear: if you want to dress like John Legend then you need to darken your denim.

It isn’t just his denim that Legend likes dark (and we aren’t talking about the way he takes his coffee!) He’s also not afraid to experiment with the tricky double denim trend by layering jeans with a dark denim jacket in coordinating shades.

Once considered incredibly unstylish and out of vogue (as well as being christened ‘a Canadian Tuxedo’) double denim is having something of a high-fashion resurgence, although it is still very tricky to get right.

The key to double denim success is to keep the rest of your outfit as neutral as possible: John’s look here works because he has coordinated his denim with a tonal dark blue shirt.

Other neutral shades that would work well with this look include a plain black, cream or white tee, or a light shirt. Pattern and colour shouldn’t be avoided completely, but they should be kept minimal.

Jack Up Your Jacket 

One of the style statements John Legend is most well known for is his commitment to fashion-forward jackets, with a particular focus on short-line jackets such as the bomber and the leather biker. John favours short jackets, which are not only a great fit for his body shape, they are also lighter and easier to wear than their longer line cousins.

Whilst they are almost exclusively dark, John Legend’s jackets always include small details, hard wear, and unusual textures that really help them stand out from the crowd! We love his Burberry leather jacket which its small stud detailing, and distressed faux-aged red details. This is one of his favorite jacket, and one that you will see him wear again and again.

Perhaps our favourite John Legend jacket moment is this Dries Van Noten embroidered bomber jacket from the fall/winter 2016 collection, which makes a huge style statement without looking over the top or overly fussy (something particularly helped by it’s simple styling).

The best thing about wearing a statement jacket is how easy it is: your outfit needs no planning at all! Simply wear your favourite jeans and a simple fitted black tee, then throw on your jacket and go!

Wear a White Tux 

Finally, don’t ever be afraid to stand out from the crowd! In a sea of traditional black tuxedos, you can always count on John Legend to stand out in a white one, and this is a great example of his attitude to fashion. He conforms to convention, but in his own unique way, and doesn’t always follow the masses.

We love the white tuxedo! It has a timeless and classic appeal, whilst also being much more flattering to the skin tone and lending your whole persona a rakish, James Bond-inspired edge.

It doesn’t stand out in the same way that turning up on a red carpet in denim is, but is still unusual enough to make you look twice and appreciate just how dapper he is: John Legend really is a legend!


John Legend’s style is particularly easy to recreate, especially if you already favour dark colours and denim, which are the star’s day-to-day staples.

We love his laid back attitude to fashion and his commitment to casualwear which all lend his style a wearable edge that anyone could adopt.

Focus on one fashion-forward statement piece (such as a showstopping jacket or shiny new sneakers) and you’ll immediately be channeling your inner John Legend. The only thing left to do is find a piano and try to sing like him too!

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