Heron Preston Crafts Authorized Counterfeits at Basic Space’s Art Basel Miami Workshop

The forthcoming Art Basel Miami festivities are drawing closer, but there’s no end to the emergence of head-turning events cropping up. For instance: curated marketplace Basic Space is partnering with Heron Preston for a special workshop series, showcasing a few of the New York-based artist’s materialistic endeavors.

“It’s important for creatives everywhere to feel empowered to be part of the conversation,” continued Preston. “I want to cultivate an environment that allows people to engage and interact through product design and fashion.”

Centered around Preston’s core techniques of reusing, recycling and repurposing both ideas and textiles, the core «Experiences» moment will see attendees creating their own authorized Heron Preston fakes, inspired by counterfeit T-shirts that Preston found in China. Seeing that his name was misspelled as «Herom Prestom,» he purchased several shirts with the intent to correct the spelling by stitching a transparent orange letter «N» over the «M,» both elevating the design and placing his stamp of approval on the would-be-fake. Those who visit the workshops will reenact this process, customizing the provided fake items to their whims, which Preston will then authorize on-site.

Sign up for the free events on Basic Space’s website, which include Preston’s workshops and footwear customization with Nicole McLaughlin beginning on December 6. As an added incentive, Basic Space and its sponsor, CashApp, are offering a $500 USD CashApp gift code to the first 50 attendees that register on both apps and join a workshop through Basic Space’s app.

Art Basel Miami is hosting a plethora of must-see events curated by in-demand creatives, including experiences led by Sarah Andelman, Daniel Arsham and Yeenjoy Studio.

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New concept alert! It’s called AUTHORIZED FAKES. It’s about challenging authenticity & questioning if it’s possible turn a bootleg product into a legit product? Can I reverse it ? What’s the opposite of fake? I started thinking all of these questions when I found some HP bootlegs being made in China with my name misspelled as HEROM PRESTOM. I decided to purchase a limited amount with an objective of correcting the spelling by stitching over the letter “M” a transparent orange letter “N”, updating the design, authorizing it with a stamp of approval and my signature dated, then re-selling it as authentic product, at bootleg pricing! When you really think about it, the only difference between bootleg and authentic merchandise, is that the bootleg was never authorized by the brand. This project is for the streets! No retailers or bots are getting this. You can only get it through me. Stay tuned for details on how you can get your hands on this special idea.

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