We’re only four days into 2022, and, in the hallowed words of Shawn Mendes, “it’s giving Cher.”

In a span of less than 24 hours, our mononymous queen has debuted as the face of two major brands: MAC Cosmetics and UGG.


The Goddess of Pop joined Saweetie to launch MAC’s #ChallengeAccepted campaign, a call for customers to put the makeup giant’s products to the test against beauty foes such as heat, sweat, and inclement weather.

Just hours after Cher’s MAC campaign launched, the singer revealed a second project with UGG.

As part of the sheepskin boot expert’s “Feel” video series, Cher takes viewers inside her masterfully decorated home. Decked out in UGG’s Classic Mini boot and Coquette slipper, the artist introduces fans to her cat, Mala, and reminisces on fame.

“I’ve spent a lifetime of people either hating me or loving me,” she shares. “I mean, you want to be loved, but finally it’s like ‘fuck it.’” True!

Aside from Cher’s status as a living legend, it’s not entirely clear why two global brands have decided that now, January 2022, is the time to remind audiences of her impact.

Could Cher have a new music release on the horizon? Or perhaps an acting role?

Or maybe the world has come to the logical conclusion that Cher’s Twitter continues to exist as the greatest thing on the internet.

Between her heavily emoji’ed Donald Trump shade, reflections on boundaries, and posts about a random couple she encountered at the movie theater, @cher is a constant stream of surprises.

If today is any indication of what the new year has in store, it seems 2022 might not be so bad after all.


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