We never knew we needed a Harry Styles beauty brand, but I guess we do?

Earlier this year it was uncovered that the singer had taken out a trademark for “wholesale of perfume and cosmetics,” and now it seems as if the first range of products will be launching soon.

The label, dubbed Pleasing, was filed as “Pleased As Holdings Limited” by Styles and his assistant Emma Spring, and have just begun to advertise across London, where posters have been spotted. The images have no release date or other info and are just as cryptic as Styles’ own album releases.


At the time of writing, the Pleasing website is still locked, but users can sign up for updates as well as follow the Instagram account, that has three images published – none featuring any product, though.

We still got the scoop, because you can always rely on Instagram to provide you with teasers before anyone else.

Makeup and beauty insider @trendmood1 shared an image that features a collection of four nail polishes (this was a given) in pink, pearl, white, and an iridescent blue, as well as an illuminating serum and something called “The Pleasing Pen.” The product is reportedly a cooling steel roller for lips and eyes, targeting tired under-eyes and aging.


The polish reportedly retails at $20, and the set of four is priced at $65. The serum and roller retail at $35 and $30, respectively.

So far there’s no release date tied to the release, but seeing as posters are already up and the Instagram account is active, we’re expecting it to be soon.

Harry Styles is joining the latest wave of celebrities venturing into beauty. This year alone we’ve already seen new brands from Ariana Grande, Jennifer Aniston, Ellen Degeneres, Naomi Osaka, and more, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Beauty is the new fashion, and it is undoubtedly where the money is at.

Stay tuned as more information will likely be shared within the coming days.


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