There’s nothing more cringeworthy or entertaining than an embarrassing true story, and these Redditors have survived some hair-raising humiliations. From terrible slip-ups to messy bathroom debacles, these tales are poised to give you some steamy secondhand embarrassment. Buckle up, it’s going to be a hilariously painful ride.

1. Slip Up

I was a hibachi server. We used these little bottles to squirt sake into people’s mouths. This party of twenty people just finished the show and everything, and the owner went and asked them if they had a good time. One of the customers jokingly said, “I don’t think we got enough sake!” The owner handed me two bottles.

He told me to go back to the kitchen to fill them with sake. So, I ran back to the kitchen and saw two boxes of “sho chiku bai” sake. One of them was marked in Chinese. I randomly picked a box of sake to fill the squirt bottles. I went back, and the manager and I asked them again, “Who wants more sake!” People cheered.

Most of them were hammered, so the owner started rainbowing sake into one person’s mouth, while I did the same to another. Suddenly, the person’s eyes went wide just as I noticed something strange. Under the bright light, the liquid I was squirting into this young woman’s mouth was glistening and running down her face.

It even fell onto the front of her sundress. So, I stopped spraying the “sake” at her while she swallowed and said, “ew, what was that?!” It was vegetable oil. The Chinese writing said vegetable oil. I do not read Chinese.


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