FREE Fall Botanical Clip Art Pack - Download Now!

A cool breeze. Falling leaves. Autumn is around the corner. Showcase the beauty of fall with these FREE nature-themed illustrations.

Picture yourself on a brisk fall walk: The cool air. The leaves crunching beneath your feet. Perhaps you stop to inspect a patch of wild mushrooms or pick a few seasonal flowers. Sounds nice, right?

When it comes to nature, fall has all the seasons beat. With that in mind, we created this FREE Fall Botanical Clip Art Pack. Scroll down to find out what’s included in the bundle. Plus, get ideas (and one nifty tutorial) for how to use them.

Included in this FREE Fall Botanical Clip Art Pack

This pack contains thirteen botanical illustrations, including:

  • Five autumn leaves
  • Four flowers (Pansy, Black-Eyed Susan, Aster, and Marigold)
  • Two mushrooms
  • An acorn
  • A pinecone
Botanical Clip Arts
The thirteen illustrations included in this pack. Shadow overlay via Nuchlyee.

The clip arts were created with a natural, soft watercolor style in mind, with a subdued autumn color palette. Each clip art comes in a high-quality .png file that you can use digitally or in print up to size A3. And, of course, the files have a transparent background, making them easy-to-use—whether you’re a beginner or pro.

Botanical Close-up
A closer look at the clip art. Shadow overlay via Nuchlyee.
Fall Leaves
Leaves are the ultimate symbol of fall. Shadow overlay via Nuchlyee.
Fall Flowers
Pretty fall flowers. Shadow overlay via Nuchlyee.
Botanical Preview
Tis the season for foraging mushrooms. Shadow overlay via Nuchlyee.

How to Download Your FREE Fall Botanical Clip Art Pack

Download the pack for FREE by clicking on the red download button below. Once the file has downloaded, extract the zip file to un-package its content.

FREE Fall Botanical Clip Arts Here

By downloading this FREE Autumn Botanical Clip Art Pack, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

Design Ideas for Using the FREE Fall Botanical Clip Arts

One of the greatest thing about botanical clip art is their versatility. Here are some cool ideas for incorporating these illustrations into your designs.

Botanical Border

Use these clip arts as a border for your photo, text, or other design elements. You can set them as a full-frame or use them as accents.

Botanical Border
Botanical clip arts as a full-frame border for a photo. Images via All for you friend and Pressmaster.
For a more minimalist approach, use the clip arts as an accent for a plain border. Shadow overlay via Nuchlyee.

Botanical Landing Page

When the season changes, it’s time to change your brand’s website landing page, as well.

Landing Page
Welcome the season with a fall botanical website landing page. Shadow overlay via Nuchlyee.

Floral Monogram

A floral monogram is commonly used for wedding invitations. It may look fancy, but it’s a design that even a beginner can tackle.

Create this elegant design by following our step-by-step tutorial below.

Fall Floral Monogram
Learn how to create a floral monogram to elevate your typography game. Shadow overlay via Nuchlyee.

How to Make a Floral Monogram Using Shutterstock Editor

Step 1: Choose Document Size

Once you open Shutterstock Editor, it will prompt you to choose a size for your design. To create an invitation cover, we’re going to use a standard invitation size, 5×7 inches.

Make sure the resolution is 300 dpi so that your design doesn’t lose quality when printed.

Choose Size
Choose a suitable size for your project.

Step 2: Input Text

Insert the initials that you want to use as a monogram. You can play with a combination of Fill, Outline, and Transparency.

Invitation Layout
Create a simple, unique layout.

Step 3: Upload Downloaded Clip Arts

Upload the botanical clip art files you’ve extracted from their compressed zip form. To do so, choose My Files > Uploads. Choose the clip arts you want to use, or just upload them all so that they’re ready to use any time.

Upload Clip Arts
Upload the downloaded clip arts to use in your design.

Step 4: Decorate Your Text

Focus on decorating just one small section of each letter, such as a corner or a curve. And, don’t forget, have fun with it!

Decorate Design
Have fun! But, try not to go overboard. Keep it minimal to achieve an elegant look.

Step 5: Download

When you’re finished, click the red download button at the top-right corner. Choose the .png file type for a high-quality print result.

Final Product

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Cover image shadow overlay via Nuchlyee.

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