These days going to the gym doesn’t mean picking any old tee, just any pair of shorts and sneakers and believing it’s all great. No, I can tell you it’s not. By all means. As years go by, the fitness clothing brands invest more and more in technology, and today you can even find items that can add up to your performance.

And that’s not all: I’m sure everybody feels good about getting to the gym in style. Don’t you? I bet you have a drawer full of tops (tank tops or regular tees) in many different colors and fabrics. Different shorts for different workouts. And the sneakers: with different cushioning for running or just training.

Now, with all that variety, I can imagine how complicated it can get to organize your closet. If your wardrobe looks like a battleground and just opening it has become highly dangerous (you never know, something – which you don’t even remember you got – heavy could fall on your head), then this is your lucky day.

I had a chat with Carol Rosa, a personal organizer, who’s given me amazing tips on how to arrange your fitness clothes and leave your closet super tidy. Take a look at this!


No matter if they’re sleeveless or regular tees, both can go in drawers. “You just have to fold them as usual, as if they were little packs, and place them like files, so that will make it easier to look for them when needed”, instructs Carol.

And so that you can fold them according to the personal organizer, you can lay the tops over a table or on your bed even. Then you’ll start by folding one side, then the other, making the two points meet. Then fold the bottom hem into its collar, forming a square.


Organizar shortsMost shorts and fitness shorts are made in thin fabric, which can get unruly quite easily. In that case, Carol recommends storing them in drawers or boxes, and fold them like an envelope.

“Forming a fold like an envelope turns the pieces tighter and improves their display when it comes to picking your outfit. This way you avoid disarranging or creasing your clothes”, she adds.


Organizar tênisYou should never put your sneakers away in drawers or the like right after taking them off. That’s because we sweat as we work out, and that includes your feet. So your sneakers should be kept somewhere ventilated so that they can dry up and avoid mold and bad smell. The right thing to do is to actually keep them in a shoe rack.

“Avoid overlapping the shoes as that could misshape them, which in many cases you cannot fix”, points Carol. If you haven’t got a shoe rack and your drawers aren’t deep enough, another useful tip is to leave one shoe of the pair beside the other or place them facing opposite directions.


If you like to keep your socks rolled up, you should just forget about that! That ruins the elastic on the ankle. Instead, you should keep them in little packs. A drawer organizer, like honeycombs, for instance, can save your life when it comes to organizing your closet.

If you’re the methodical type, you can organize your socks by color: the black ones on one side and the whites ones on the other. You can also set them by high and short top socks.

Underwear and swimwear

Underwear shouldn’t be kept together with other items, so, leave one drawer for underwear and socks, for example. When it comes to swimwear and underwear, these may be folded the same way: like an envelope, placed in drawers.

“I recommend using a drawer divider to help you separate the pieces and keep them tidy for longer”, says the personal organizer. Another cool tip is to get those ziploc bags to put your swimwear in (since you don’t get to wear them that often). That’s nice because other than keeping them in the same place, they don’t take up much space this way.


Organizar casacoPersonally, these are the hardest clothing pieces to organize. I don’t think stacking them up is a good idea. On the contrary, actually! When you want to grab any one of them, you’ll end up creasing all the others and making a complete chaos.

Carols tells me that, in that case, hanging the coats on hangers is best. That avoids folding marks other than making your life so much easier.

And when summer comes, you can get them off the hangers and fold them up. After all, you’ll only need them in months from that or just once in a blue moon, when there’s a drop in temperature.


Organizar calçaThese days we’ve got more than sweatpants in our wardrobes. Some men have been investing in leggings as part of their workout gear (especially for leg workouts). That’s because the legging brings a technology that can stabilize your leg muscles, which, in turn, contributes to doing free squats, for example.

“Both the sweatpants and the leggings can be folded. However, the sweatpants are better kept on shelves, since they take up more space. And because the legging fabric is thinner and softer, I suggest placing them into drawers, as files again, so that you can see them all as you open your drawer”, Carol recommends.


Organizar bonésOther than the coats, your caps can be a bit difficult if you’re an organization freak. Because of that, boxes or baskets are the best for storing them. Another idea is placing sticking hooks on the walls then hanging all your caps. “Other than making your life easier, it allows the pieces to ventilate and stay unwrinkled”, adds up the personal organizer.


Organizar mochilaOkay, it’s not common to have too many of those, but if in your case you always use lots of backpacks for different purposes (gym, work, traveling), you can fit them into each other. That’ll save you a lot of room.

It’s time to learn

And to make your life even easier, I asked Carol Rosa to make a tutorial video to help you fold your clothes. Check it out and see how easy it can be to make your closet tidy.

To your closets asap!

Well, there’s no way around it now. If I were you, I’d watch this video again and I’d start folding and tidying at once. This way tomorrow can be a better day when you open your wardrobe – may nothing fall on your head then.

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