I used to hate shopping for summer clothes. I just could never find anything that fit me properly and also had that fresh summer vibe.

Shorts were either too tight or too baggy, shirts would either look like a parachute on me or be so tight I’d get the inevitable “where do you shop at, baby gap?” jokes from my buddies.

The men’s fashion world is missing what men all over the world really want, which is high quality clothing, made to fit their specific body types that doesn’t make them look like clones.

I had the opportunity to try out some clothes from Bonobos recently, and I’ve got to say, I loved it.

Shirt: Bonobos Rivera Short Sleeve Shirt (Small, Slim)

Shorts: Tech Chino Stretch Shorts (Waist: 30, Length: 7 in)

I was absolutely blown away by the fit, look and quality of the Bonobos Rivera shirt and the Tech Chino Shorts.

The Bonobos Rivera shirt is the quintessential summer shirt that refreshes your wardrobe and gives you that cool summer vibe.

The fit is also amazing. It felt like I had these pieces literally custom made just for me.

I have a small waist, with a larger chest and wide shoulders, so it’s very difficult to find anything off the rack that fits me, I have to pretty much get my shirts custom tailored.

Which takes time. Which costs money. Which is just a huge hassle.

With Bonobos, they have several fit options for their clothing, which makes it super easy to get something right off the rack that fits your specific body type.

This is a game changer for a lot of men like me.

The Perfect Summer Outfit

The perfect summer outfit is a way for you to stand out, with unique cuts and patterns and a fit that compliments your body type.

It’s a way to distinguish yourself from the sea of “dude bros” that are wearing ill fitting cargo pants and over-sized tank tops.

It’s a time for crazy Hawaiian style shirts, sleek swimwear, light fabrics and cooling lounge-wear.

Here are my top favorite pieces that are a must have this summer if you want the perfect summer outfit.

1. Casual Summer Shirt & Bottoms

This is one of my favorite outfits because of I can practically wear it anywhere and, yet it exudes a refreshing summer vibe.

ShirtBonobos Summer Weight Shirt (Small, Slim, Reg)

Jeans: The Blue Jean (W: 29, L: 30)

You can also replace the pale blue jeans with a nice pair of casual summer weight chinos. I actually think a darker colored chino works really well with a shirt like this. The contrast is really nice.

2. Hawaiian Style Shirts

It’s not summer unless you’re rocking a hawaiian shirt and looking like Tommy Vercetti from GTA Vice City. These types of shirts have practically become a summer staple as of late because of how great they look.

$$: Amalfi Premium Short Sleeve Shirts

3. Summer Shorts

You have many options for shorts and it all comes down to what vibe you want to give off.

$: Chino Shorts

$: Beach Shorts

If you want a more clean cut, put together look, I highly recommend a sleek pair of chino shorts that end right above the kneecaps.

If you want a light hearted, fun vibe, you also have a lot of cool options. Crazy patterns and colors are completely fine here especially if you’re wearing sweat shorts or beach shorts.

With these simple and practical summer pieces you will cover pretty much all the bases of the perfect summer outfit.

The biggest takeaway is you don’t need a million different pieces, grabbing a single high quality garment that actually fits you properly with a style and cut that you like is worth 10 pieces from your average fast fashion brand.

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