Financial Feng Shui?

financial feng shui water flow

If you ever wanted to talk about toilets on this blog, today’s your day!

Got this text from my dear Auntie who asked if I’ve ever shared something like this before on the site, and I could confidently tell her that no – I had not, haha…

But that changes today 😉

Here’s her text that opened up my eyes in more ways than one:

financial feng shui

She then sent me a link to prove she’s not crazy: 6 Feng Shui Tips For Healthy Financial Flow

But of course, I had to research this for myself, and before I knew it I was flushed even deeper into the whirlpool of feng shui’ness! Pun very much intended!!

Places like Forbes, LearnVest, HGTV and dozens of others were encouraging this “financial flow” of money, even going as far to say that’s why we call it “curren(t)cy!” (nyuck nyuck nyuck)

And why toilet bowls?

“The toilet holds a downward spiraling energy. When you close the lid, you are protecting chi (energy) from going down and away from you… Listen to the language of our world and don’t “flush away” your finances. It’s also a good idea to tie red ribbons on the pipes behind the toilet, with the intention of protecting your finances once and for all.” –

Who knew 😉 But there’s much more to this stuff than just potties…

Here’s a list of other tips I found while poking around this morning. A good way to expand your mind, if nothing else, haha… (and honestly, whether you believe in this or not, if it gets you to manage your money better, so be it! Just be prepared for what happens if the lids get stuck! ;))

Feng Shui Money Flowing Tips:

#1. Clean your stove — The stove represents “abundance,” so it’s good to always keep it clean and rotate the burners so you “open up more channels of opportunity.”

#2. Fix leaks in your house — “Water in feng shui represents two things: (1) money and (2) your emotions… When you fix something in your home, you are fixing it in your life. You don’t want your money leaking out, do you?” – (Coincidentally, the more leaks you have, the more money you’re also spending on water bills 😉 So it really is smart!)

#3. Create a strong front door! — “Creating a strong front door is important, because your house needs it in order to be able to attract Wealth Chi. The front door is called the Mouth of Chi in feng shui, and its strength and auspicious energy are important to a good feng shui house.” – (Also recommended: not keeping trash or recycle bins around the front door, getting rid of empty pots (or filling them with plants!), and then keeping the hinges squeak-free for better balance and harmony…)

#4. Keep your house decluttered — So you can attract, and *keep*, the energy of wealth! Not to mention better piece of mind, ease on finding stuff faster, less money out the window on more “stuff,” and thousands of other non-feng shui-related benefits 😉 The power of minimalism, baby!

#5. Remove dead flowers and branches from your house — “Dead or dried flowers or branches represent dead chi – they are the worst thing to have in your home.” – (And I guarantee at least 75% of us reading this right now has something dead in our house too, haha… Like old roses, perhaps?)

#6. Decorate your house with symbols of wealth — Like bamboo, fountains, fish symbols, “wealth crystals”, and then a number of colors that signify money as well like gold and purple.

#7. And then lastly, make sure your “money area” is prepared! — “Typically, this is your home office where you manage finances and other work. You will want to include elements like wood, which represent money and wealth. The color blue and pictures of rivers, lakes, and oceans represent water, which nourishes the wood. You can also use mirrors, plants, and small icons that symbolize prosperity.” –


And that’s just the tip of the feng shui iceberg… If I had another 1,300 hours to blow I’d list out all the others you could dig up, but for now you’ll just have to be good with front doors and toilet bowls 🙂

And turns out I actually lied! We HAVE talked about feng shui and finances on this site before! Almost 8 years ago! –> “Is Your Home “Making” You Spend Money?”  I guess I had blocked it from my mind after all these years as it drummed up quite the commentary, haha…

This one was pretty good from Bridget who’s actually still blogging too!

“Seriously? You always have such great posts, what’s with the voodoo garbage you’re hocking today?

Maybe after we all feng shui our homes, we can pray to Jesus for money. If he’s broke this month we’ll ask Buddha.”

(Much funnier to read now than back in the day, btw 😉 )

But she has a somewhat valid point.

You can feng shui your house all you want, but without the most important ingredient, ain’t nothing going to save your finances… And I think you know by now what I’m about to say next:


Feng shui is great and all, and you can use it to get your mind and energy flowing right, but just make sure you’re tacking on some good ol’ fashion budgeting and investing along with it! There really is no substitution for it, as much as we all wish otherwise!!

So big thanks for the fun digression today, Auntie, but I’ll be sticking to my trusty FIRE path as it’s continued to flow me some wealth just fine 😉 But you can bet I’ll now be thinking of you every time I use the restroom! Haha… And won’t be taking any chances by keeping the lid open, either.

What say you guys? Any big feng shui fans out there? Or is it just a bunch of malarkey? Any experiences or tips you’d like to chime in with?


[For more $$$ nuggets, head over to Budgets Are Sexy!]


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