It’s the weekend, baby!

As fashion month tapers off, things have slowed a bit on that end, but there are still hyped shows, major runways, and sleeper hits. Amidst theluxury crossovers and tributes, we also spoke with one of fashion’s hidden heroes.

Moncler kinda shut shit down, though, its MONDOGENIUS collection, an interdimensional luxury rift so powerful that it somehow united niche Japanese brands and digital auction houses.

Elsewhere, Martin Margiela resurfaced (kinda), Byredo packaged the new car smell, BAPE played UNO, we launched Sucuk & Bratwurst’s Umbro collab, Carhartt WIP got fancy, Supreme got True, and Demna got a medal.

That only scratches the surface though: we saw cool kicks from New Balance, Billie Eilish, adidas, Denim Tears, Undefeated, and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

This week’s big footwear winner, though was Vans. It dropped not only a kickass Nigel Cabourn collab but a nifty House of Horror collection that leads us into spooky season proper. Not to mention, buzzy Netflix hit Squid Game showed the power of the white slip-on.

Oh, and we celebrated Virgil Abloh’s 41st birthday.

Speaking of birthdays, KITH turned 10 and gave us all a gift.

Then the Kanye news: not only did the Kanye documentary get a teaser trailer, but he launched the YEEZY GAP hoodie, which wasn’t priced so badly, we think.

If you need us, we’ll be dressing as Kim Kardashian for Halloween.

“Time is also a very literal part of the Bond legend. Even if the actor changes, one aspect remains consistent: his exceptional taste in watches.”

“The streets where I grew up in my neighborhood, the people I looked up to were bad people who were driving crazy fast BMW M3s and all this stuff. So I was like, ‘I don’t want to be that guy, but I know there is a good side of all this.’ And I want to be the good side of all this.”

“Generations of quilters never signed their work and therefore the maker and their story were easily separated from the work itself. It’s so rare to track down the original maker, but given the high visibility of this particular piece, it’s been a real joy to witness.”

“All stars are aligning for the Air Max 1 to have a huge 2022 and there are similarities to the Dunk as to how Nike is teeing up the era of the Air Max 1.”

“[Fendace] was fun, it was a merchandising goldmine, and it represented just how unimaginative the luxury fashion industry has become, where the players who yell the loudest, market the hardest, and are celebrated by their peers the most, can move up in a self-created fantasy football score shoot of relevance.”


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