Lana Turner, Rita Hayworth, Barbara Stanwyck: all stars that conjure up images of shadow-filled alleys and men in trouble. These are the women of film noir, but what about Lizabeth Scott? This forgotten noir queen got the nickname “The Threat” because no one stood in the way of her success—on-screen or off. Scott’s life was as thrilling as the plots of her films, and her near-disappearance from film history was the biggest mystery of them all.

1. She Didn’t Like Her Name

Anyone, with even a passing interest in the golden age of Hollywood, will easily pick out the name Lizabeth Scott as a stage name. It just sounds too perfectly show biz. The truth is that in 1922, Scott entered this world as Emma Matzo in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Her father owned Matzo Market and young Emma attended Marywood Seminary for Catholic girls.

These humble beginnings went on to serve as a shocking contrast against her scandalous later years, as we’ll see…

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