Karl Bode, writing for TechDirt:

While streaming providers and hardware companies see
significantly higher consumer satisfaction rates than
traditional cable TV, their privacy practices still leave
something to be desired. That’s according to a new breakdown of
streaming service privacy policies
by Common Sense Media,
which doled out terrible grades to pretty much everybody not
named Apple:

Our privacy evaluations of the top 10 streaming apps indicate
that all streaming apps (except Apple TV+) have privacy
practices that put consumers’ privacy at considerable risk
including selling data, sending third‐party marketing
communications, displaying targeted advertisements, tracking
users across other sites and services, and creating advertising
profiles for data brokers.

This privacy report focuses on streaming services, not hardware platforms, but related to the previous post re: Amazon’s new Fire TV Omni Series, it’s also the case that Apple TV is the only platform that makes privacy a priority and doesn’t put ads on your screen.


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