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Save $30.91: As of Sept. 10, grab the Meer YG300 Mini Projector for just $39.08, down from $69.99, for a total savings of 44%.

What is it about a projector that makes everything feel a bit more cinematic? Like there’s watching YouTube in bed for six hours straight (broke) and then there’s watching YouTube for six hours straight but ~projected on your bedroom wall~ (woke).

As of Sept. 10, the Meer YG300 Mini Projector is on sale for $39.08 at Amazon, giving you the option to cinematize your binge watches on a budget. Just because this projector can fit in the palm of your hand (they weren’t playing around when they said mini), doesn’t mean it can’t pack its own little punch. Once connected to a power bank or wall charger, you can enjoy your fave content from your laptop, phone, streaming stick, game console, or tablet on a screen size of up to 80 inches.

While the portability on this projector can help you casually elevate both you and your friends’ movie nights, there are some limitations you’ll want to be aware of. For starters, its projection range is relatively limited at four feet to eight feet, so you’ll want to make sure you can put your projector close-ish to whatever surface you’re projecting on.

Since this little guy isn’t Bluetooth enabled, you’ll also need to tote along any HDMI adapters and cords. With that said, it does have built-in speakers, so that’s one less device you’ll have to worry about.

Will it give you the perfect crisp, clear picture comparable to bigger and pricier projectors? Honestly, no. But, you’ll get a decent picture without spending hundreds of dollars, so if you’ve been on the standing on the edge of the Projector Ownership Precipice for a while, this Meer YG300 can be your low-stakes way to make the jump. Don’t wait too long though — it’s on sale at Amazon for a limited time only.

Save $39.08 at Amazon

Credit: Meer

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