Are you wondering about how to dress for your Christmas gathering? Well, I’ve got your back on this one.  Let’s begin by talking about the different occasions that you may have to face.

There is always the typical family event (dinner usually), you may not have any family and maybe are spending the night with friends or perhaps you are going to your company’s office party….the possibilities are endless, the point is most likely you will be going somewhere on Christmas.

One Outfit that Fits All Possibilities

As I mentioned, that are many possibilities on how you may be spending your Christmas, so I put together an outfit that will likely be appropriate for any of those choices.

You want to dress nicely on Christmas but you don’t want to feel uncomfortable and restrained in your outfit, because in the end it’s all about having fun and enjoying those you love and appreciate.

You can certainly dress up as much as you like if you wish to; I don’t believe you can ever be overdressed for anything (my personal opinion).

This outfit is chic, cool and comfortable. The gold bracelets give the outfit an extra luxury touch and perfectly matches the outfit. It’s perfect for the holidays and I hope you guys like it.

Black Wrap Cardigan

This wrap cardigan from Religion Clothing is your statement piece in this outfit.  I am wearing all black because I just love black but you can add some color if you want to. The wrap style is very trendy and makes you look cool and daring. It also elevates the look and makes it chic.

Ripped Black Jeans

The ripped jeans is no news for anyone, and most of us own one.  I choose black because it’s dressier and I wouldn’t recommend you change it for blue jeans, it will look too casual.

Black Leather Trainers

For my footwear I chose black leather trainers from ToBootNewYork.  It’s a trainer but because it’s all shiny leather it looks very chic. You can also wear a chelsea boot instead if you prefer.


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