This year’s Oscars have seen a wave of criticism against the Academy, with many vocal critics coming out and directly denouncing the Best Motion Picture of the Year award that was given to Green Book. Film critic Justin Chang wrote an LA Times op-ed on the decision, referring to the film as “[capturing] the polarization that arises whenever the conversation shifts towards matters of race, privilege and the all-important question of who gets to tell whose story,” further criticizing the film for being a “two-hander peddling can’t-we-all-just-get-along bromides” instead of digging deep into the topic of racial segregation in the United States.

But Chang wasn’t alone in his criticisms, famed filmmaker Spike Lee, who’s used his career and platform to spotlight sociopolitical issues and activism, also joined in; Lee was seen laughing at the results in post-win interviews, and in fact, walked out of the award ceremony when the winner was revealed. Even so, during Lee’s acceptance speech for Best Adapted Screenplay for BlacKkKlansman — an autobiographical film about Ron Stallworth, an African-American detective who infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan in the 1970s — urged audiences to “do the right thing” during next year’s presidential election, continuing by saying “let’s all be on the right side of history. Make the moral choice between love versus hate.” 

Yet Lee’s speech and criticism of the rather interesting choice of awards was met by one onlooker — the current President of the United States, Donald Trump. Taking to Twitter to spar with the famed filmmaker-meets-sociopolitical-activist, the president called his attacks a “racist hit on your President,” claiming a range of baffling “facts” to back up his unsupported claim.

Lee’s latest film doesn’t shy away from current day social, political, and cultural commentary, either. In many scenes the director spliced footage of Trump and Charlottesville, showcasing an array of disheartening allusions from the period pieces’ atrocities to modern-day American society.

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