Save 33%: The original Cricut Maker is $120 off at Amazon as of Oct. 6, bringing the smart cutting machine down to $249.

Matching shirts with that one calligraphy font are the heart and soul of family vacations and bachelorette parties today.

If you’ve never been forced to wear one, it’s only a matter of time. Anyone who gets their hands on a Cricut Maker can design one — and they’re currently going for just $249 at Amazon after a $120 (over 30%) discount.

A Cricut Maker sitting on a table with other craft supplies

Make your own holiday decorations.
Credit: Cricut

The Cricut is commonly referred to as a scrapbooking die-cut machine. Though it is an amazing tool for heavy-duty scrapbooking, it’s also a smart cutting machine that any DIY fanatic should be wielding.

The Cricut can cut over 300 materials. It’s delicate enough to cut crepe paper without ripping it and forceful enough to cut leather in a straight line. The fabric possibilities in between are essentially endless.

The Cricut can also follow designs of pictures or different fonts, which can be cut into vinyl or iron-on materials. Or stick one of the included pens or markers into the Cricut to create handwritten notes in fun calligraphy that doesn’t look generic or machine-printed. Choose from hundreds of digital patterns or connect a tablet via Bluetooth for more inspo.

The Cricut Maker smart cutting machine is on sale in four colors.

Credit: Cricut


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