Nixon digital watches

We’ve seen a huge wave of tech-forward fashion in recent seasons. From the rise of luxury techwear to hiking sneakers taking hold of the communal style psyche, it’s clear that the trend is here to stay. But, one side of style that has been immune to the new wave of style is watches. Or so we thought. While classic analog watches will always have a place in our hearts, Nixon digital watches show that tech is not something to fear in terms of timepieces.

Characterized by hard-wearing cases and perfectly designed displays, Nixon digital watches are not only style assets on the wrist, but they’re also affordable and highly useful.

From hybrid designs like the Nixon Ripley which features a digital display alongside analog hands to the fully fledged Base Tide Pro which carries tide information from around the world for surfers, the Nixon digital selection shows the breadth and power of digital displays.

The Nixon Regulus is one of the company’s flagship digital designs which means that there’s a wide range of styles. This stainless steel iteration is a nice mid-ground between analog and digital.

If you’re into the technical aesthetic, though, the Regulus Expedition is the one for you.

Made from recycled ocean plastics, Rival is one of Nixon’s surf watches. The ergonomic case shape makes it perfect for activity as well as your daily timepiece.

Like the Rival, Base Tide Pro is loaded with tide information for 550 beaches across the world so that you can be sure you’re hitting the waves at the right time.

If you’re still on the fence about going fully digital, Ripley is for you. Combining classic hands with a digital display, it’s the perfect entry into the digital future.

Part retro and part futuristic, the Dork Too Watch looks perfect in all-black. The detailed face feels perfectly dialed-down in the tonal palette. While this is an early Nixon digital design, it keeps up with the newer drops.

Gone are the days of pixelated digital displays. Pieces like the High Tide Watch feature high-definition interfaces with multiple pages to give you all the info you need.

With just an 8mm-thick case, the Nixon Heat Watch is an unimposing asset for the wrist. Don’t take its lightweight build for fragility, though.

Re-Run looks to retro classics for inspiration, taking the case shape and stainless steel band but replacing the dial with a new-age, high-definition iteration to renew the iconic aesthetic.

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