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Designer Dan Mitchell and architecture studio Patisandhika have a created a tropical brutalist concrete home nestled in Bali. Named A Brustalist Tropical Home, the 512-square-metre house is located in a small valled within rice fields on the south coast of the island.

The exterior has a massive, monolithic and “blocky” appearance with exaggerated structural concrete slabs that extend horizontally. At the heart of the home lives a double-height living space, flanked on each side by split levels.

The multi-level layout and expansive windows offer views beautiful views of the tropical exterior landscapes and rice fields. The space is full of color, textures, and importantly, plants. These combined with a “no-wall” kitchen, allow the outdoors in, with Mitchell hoping that in time, the plants will grow to take over the home.

With tropical climates in mind, the building has also been designed to cast shadows internally, and thus prevent overheating without the use of electricity. Goodbye, humidity. The home is complete with solar panels on its roof and a rainwater harvesting system to help improve its environmental performance.

Take a closer look at the breathtaking Brutalist Tropical Home by Dan Mitchell and  Patisandhika in the gallery above.


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