Taximail customers now have direct access to Shutterstock images and designs to help increase engagement and boost email performance.

For years now, our inboxes have been overwhelmingly overcrowded. Promotions from brands, messages from friends and family, event invitations, calendar alerts and more all compete within the same saturated space. As an email marketing platform, you’re left to figure out what levers you can pull to help your customers — many of whom are small and medium-sized businesses — break through the clutter.

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Your goal, of course, is to help your customers encourage their own target audiences to take action — whether that be to read more, start a trial, schedule a demo, sign up, make a purchase — you name it. That’s why it’s critical that businesses deliver visually stunning emails that stop audiences right in their tracks. 

But that can be a real challenge. The process of searching, downloading, and managing images for email campaigns is time-consuming, making it difficult to launch campaigns quickly. For this reason, having direct access to compelling visuals is key to elevating email campaigns and inspiring audiences to engage with a brand and take action.

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To help businesses catch the attention of their audiences and win out in a competitive inbox, we’ve partnered with Taximail, a leading email marketing platform for small and medium sized businesses based in Bangkok, Thailand. Taximail, which launched in 2012, has delivered more than 10 billion emails to more than 5,000+ customers across Thailand and other APAC countries. 

With this new integration, powered by Shutterstock’s API, Taximail customers can now access royalty-free Shutterstock images — without ever leaving the Taximail platform. The library of images, which reflect a wide range of themes, subjects, perspectives and designs, can easily be dragged and dropped into any email campaign including loyalty program emails, transactional emails, promotional campaigns and newsletters. 

The result? With thumb-stopping visuals at their fingertips, Taximail customers can now create higher-performing email campaigns that increase engagement and boost performance. 

“Having high-quality images readily available when creating your email campaign will help visual retention,” said Wongsakorn Nawbantad, the Operation Director at Taximail. “The images are important in making your messages easy to understand.” 

How the integration works

To get started, Taximail customers can navigate to Images within the Taximail email builder, and select Shutterstock. Then, they can search and select the best image for any campaign. All Shutterstock images also come with licensing protection so customers never have to worry.

Once an image is chosen, they can use Taximail’s easy drag-and-drop email editor to add images to the email. Taximail’s email templates are all responsive, so the layout will look great across all devices.

Customers can also easily replace images within any email template with new content by selecting the image and clicking “Replace.” 

With this new integration, we’re excited to help Taximail’s customers create beautiful email campaigns with ready-to-use Shutterstock images available right within the platform. And as an added benefit, customers no longer need to enlist creative services for design help. Instead, they can avoid time consuming feedback loops, and get more control over the entire creative process start to finish.

To learn more about accessing Shutterstock images right from within Taximail, sign up using a free account to get 5,000 email credits and get started today.

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