It might not be scientifically proven (yet), but I’m pretty sure my morning coffee would taste a lot better in Balenciaga‘s new mug.

You may be thinking that £65 ($88) is a steep price to pay for a coffee cup, and yes, you’re right. However, it might just be one of the most affordable items in Balenciaga’s ever-growing arsenal.

Arriving in two colorways – a black and a white version – the mug is crafted from porcelain and is handwash only. It also comes with a lid made from thermoplastic elastomer, which is basically a rubber lid that is perfect when you’re on the go. Plus, if you bring it to your local coffee shop they’ll give you a few pennies off your drink!

In addition to Balenciaga’s recognizable logo, a handful of cities are also featured. Whether you’re proud to live in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris, and so on, you can show your loyalty with your coffee cup. If your city isn’t available, you can just choose one of the more niche options such as Changsha, Firenze, or Melbourne.

If you’re looking to get your hands on a cup for your morning brew, you can currently pre-order the item from Balenciaga’s website where it is available alongside a handful of other apparel and accessories from its city collection.


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