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Brand: Coda

Season: Fall/Winter 2021

Buy: Coda’s website, Graphlayer

Editor’s Notes: Coda is one of those low-key labels that’s big in its own region but has yet to expand far outside. Unsurprising, given the prohibitive costs of taking your passion project international.

That doesn’t mean that Coda’s approachably effortless wearables aren’t ready for the big leagues.

On the contrary, the Hong Kong-based brand has mastered the minimalist basic, demonstrating an eye for sophisticated designs with broad appeal.

This isn’t the quiet polish of The Row or AURALEE‘s textural explosion; Coda instead trades in a kind of funky, free-form minimalism that’s subtle in shape only.

Easy, oversized cuts set the tone. Coda likes to take a conventional piece — a trench coat, a shirt, a sweater — and blow up the proportions. Things get huge, shoulders get dropped, and hems occasionally reach the knee, or below.

But there’s intent beyond the imposing girth, as balance is achieved through billowing trousers and layering pieces that cascade down the torso with distinct lengths — that is to say, shirts may be long, but they’re designed to fit longer or shorter than the layering pieces that go above so that the garments are distinct.

It’s not enough to simply create accessible apparel in terms of shape; Coda also dabbles in visual flair when it so desires.

There’s a print here, a splash of color here, some adjustable functionality by way of an attached belt, maybe. Nothing gimmicky, though — Coda stands by the hardy quality of its textiles and construction.

Coda is keen to grow its brand — it offers international shipping through its web store — but its also content to ride in its lane, exploring stylistic twists and turns at its own pace. You’re welcome to come along for the ride.


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