Coca-Cola Company Targets Coffee Drinkers With «&Drip» Brewer

The Coca-Cola Company has just released news that its crowdfunded «&Drip» coffee machine has official launched in Japan. Designed by Nendo and released in partnership with Makuake, «&Drip» is a home capsule coffee brewer that focuses on quality blends of coffee that have been curated by master roasters.

The one-touch coffee machine uses patented pod technology that keeps oxygen concentration per-pod below 1%, resulting in a fresh and aromatic cup of coffee each time. As the name implies, the hot water delivery system has been developed to mimic hand drip coffee using a circular pouring method. Already on its first week trial, the «&Drip» has sold over 400 units in Japan.

Priced at ¥13,800 JPY (approximately $130 USD) for the machine and ¥740 JPY (approximately $7 USD) per 12-capsule box of coffee, the machine will go on sale again on, Rakuten, and Futakotamagawa Tsutaya Electrics starting December 6.

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