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Chrome Hearts‘ always-extra installations are a guaranteed New York Fashion Week highlight, when they actually happen. This year, Chrome Hearts is delivering in spades with its second-ever Sex Records activation, inviting fans of the low-key American luxury label into an edgy toy store.

First seen in 2018 at Maxfield LA, Chrome Hearts’ Sex Records imprint was launched by co-founder Laurie Lynn Stark as part artist series, part talent incubator. It’s a little more casual than mainline Chrome Hearts fare too, leaning hard into the streetwear scene that gobbles up its leather-patched jeans and shiny silver jewelry.

Chrome Hearts creative director Matt DiGiacomo envisioned this new installation, hosted adjacent to Chrome Hearts’ West Village flagship in New York until September 13, as a ’90s-era “big-box toy store” filtered through the CH lens. That means branded toy cars, leather tchotchkes, and, uh, Chrome Hearts toilet paper.

Of course, the toys are accompanied by a spread of one-off apparel. There are customized motorcycle helmets, bomber jackets patched, Carhartt work pants, branded hats, and a spread of those transformed Levi’s that resellers love.

There’s also a selection of thematic sunglasses available online, if you can’t make it to the appointment-only installation. And, even after the Sex Records pop-up, this annex space will be put to good use for future endeavors; Chrome Hearts describes it as “a creative playground” and “experimental studio” that will host events with chefs, athletes, performance artists, and other creatives whom the brand admires.

So that’s all that, but what’s up with the name? “I always liked the word ‘SEX’ — the good and the bad — it puts people on edge,” said DiGiacomo. Fair enough.


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