The AP:

The chair of former President Donald Trump’s 2017 inaugural
committee was arrested Tuesday on charges alleging he conspired to
influence Trump’s foreign policy positions to benefit the United
Arab Emirates and commit crimes striking “at the very heart of our

Tom Barrack, 74, of Santa Monica, California, was among three men
charged in federal court in Brooklyn, New York, with conspiring to
act as an unregistered foreign agent as they tried to influence
foreign policy while Trump was running in 2016 and later while he
was president. […]

Prosecutors said Barrack not only agreed to promote UAE foreign
policy interests through his unique access and influence, but also
provided UAE government officials with sensitive information about
developments within the Trump administration — including how
senior U.S. officials felt about the Qatari blockade conducted by
the UAE and other Middle Eastern countries.

I’m starting to think Donald Trump didn’t surround himself with the best people.


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