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Have you ever wondered what London smells like? Well, contemplate no longer, cent.ldn’s unique perfumed candles can answer all of your questions. 

So, what does London smell like? Harry Potter? Not quite. Fish and chips? Likely. Overinflated rent prices? One hundred times yes. 

Jokes aside, cent.ldn has been layering different notes to build individual scent profiles of London’s most iconic districts. The London-themed collection consists of six perfumed candles, created in collaboration with an all-female London-based collective. 

The collective of female creators reign from across the city. Each offered their personal experiences to create a range of candles that evoke the memories and emotions of each corner of London. Through the nose, the themed collection takes you on an adventure through The Capital and on to Soho; Brixton, Notting Hill, Shoreditch, and Camden. 

Each of cent.ldn’s candles come with a level of collectibility. Sure, it’s hard to collect something that burns away with use, but each box includes bespoke artwork from East London-based artist Charlotte Archer.

The brand’s latest collection, “Guitar Icons,” looks to music to create a lineup of collectible handmade candles inspired by Nile Rodgers’ “Hitmaker” guitar and Mesa Boogie and Fender amps – blurring the line between burnable wax and sculpture, like Loro Piana‘s self-confessed “sculptures-in-progress”

You can shop the full cent.ldn collectible and perfumed candle collections online now. 

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