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Blink, and you definitely won’t miss the new Our Legacy Workshop collection – it’s bright, it’s pink, and it comes with a serious love of compositional music.

Our Legacy, it would seem, has no shortage of inspiration. Workshop serves as a testament to that idea, showcasing how an amalgamation of references and people can be the creative spark needed to create a collection of apparel and accessories.

Seriously, who else do you know that can take the idea of spilling red wine on a white silk shirt and spin it into a limited collection? That’s just one of few scrapbook-like creations Legacy has put together in the past year – it has tailored to runners via Satisfy, had hit-after-hit with Stüssy, and let us all know Byredo is much more than just scent.

Next up? Electronic music.

Working alongside Jazz är farligt, Our Legacy presents ”Feel It,” a re-issue of esteemed Swedish musician Ralph Lundsten’s original 7” record, alongside a capsule collection inspired by the work.

Like the record and its artwork, the collection features a bright pink hue throughout, appearing on a lighter, hoody, and a long sleeve tee. As is the norm over at Workshop, graphics are heavily applied.

The collection will be available from November 19 via the Our Legacy Workshop.


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