Good news, people of the internet: Actor, superhero and all-round wholesome presence Brie Larson has returned to YouTube!

After a six-month hiatus to shoot a movie (the secret kind she “can’t talk about”), Captain Marvel herself kick-started 2022 with an honest video about anxiety and her plans for the coming year.

“I find the concept of a new year to be sort of scary, I felt really nervous today even about making this video, because – I don’t know – ’cause I suffer from anxiety,” Larson said. “But that aside, I want to take more seriously my fun. I’m serious, I really want to be more serious about the fun: having fun when I’m working, having fun with my friends, having fun with this channel. Let’s find the joy.”

Larson went on to hint that she’d be doing more videos outside the house, as well as more popular staples like cooking, home workouts and gaming.

Who knows? Maybe there’ll even be more glorious footage of her teaching Tessa Thompson how to play Fortnite.

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