It’s possible that Spot, the robot dog developed and built by Boston Dynamics, peaked when it danced with BTS. This is still pretty entertaining, though.

Spot took to the University of Missouri’s Faurot Field on Saturday as college football’s Ole Miss Rebels faced off against the Alabama Crimson Tide. The halftime appearance gave Spot to show off its dancing skills in public once again, this time with the Rebels’ halftime cheerleading squad.

And you know what? Spot has got some moves.

It looks like the school’s College of Engineering team may have been responsible for Spot’s sweet choreography. The Mizzou Engineering account on Twitter that shared the clip, as well as some looks at the lead-up to the big event.

Sure, maybe one day we’ll all be the subjects of robot overlords like Spot. But for now, this plucky, dog-like machine is armed with nothing more than graceful dance moves and exactly the kind of endearing qualities that will compel us humans to let our guard down.


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