Mark Gurman, Takashi Mochizuki, and Debby Wu, reporting for Bloomberg:*

Apple Inc. is considering pushing back the debut of its
mixed-reality headset by at least a few months, potentially
delaying its first major new product since the Apple Watch in
2015, according to people familiar with the situation. […]

The delay would mark a setback for a product seen as one of
Apple’s famous “next big things” — a new category that can keep
sales growing and help justify the tech giant’s nearly $3 trillion
market valuation. The company hasn’t discussed the headset
publicly, but the product has been years in the making and already
delayed before.

It’s a semantic argument, but “pushed back” feels fair for an unannounced product. Shipping is hard, COVID makes everything harder. “Delayed” and “setback” don’t feel fair, though. When it actually does get announced, do we get a “finally”?

* You know.


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