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NOTE: We’ll be updating as more sales roll in/deals changeSo check back. Got a tip on an extra good Black Friday Sale? Send those in to joe@dappered.com. These things might change on a dime, but we’ll do our best to keep up. And note we’ll have a separate post for Cyber Monday.


Banana Republic: 40% off (no code needed)

Banana Republic menswear

40% off. No code needed. Some exclusions, but they don’t seem to be too invasive. Not seeing anything extra for cardmembers at post time. Runs through Saturday so maybe something different is on the way for Cyber Monday.


Allen Edmonds: Select Shoes for $199

Allen Edmonds shoes

ENDS TODAY, Wednesday 11/24. Also, if you haven’t signed up for their collector’s club email list yet, if you do that they should send you an additional 15% off one time use code. And it should stack. Drops those shoes to $169.15. Which is… wild. Big thanks to Jacob S. on Instagram for the tip on that stacking feature (I tend to forget, being that I signed up for the Allen Edmonds email list shortly after the Normans invaded England.) Don’t underrate the Dainite Rubber Sole options. If you’re less than gentle on your goods, those can be the way to go. That, and that studded rubber sole provides some extra grip during this time of year, while still being subtle enough to be dressy.


Spier & Mackay: 15% – 20% off w/ BF2021

There are exclusions. Notable exclusions are the chunky shawl collar cardigans (no surprise), and a bunch of their outerwear like topcoats, ulster coats, and their melton peacoats. And when compared to the mall brands, 15% – 20% off might not seem like much, but Spier is arguably the best bang for the buck menswear brand in the business. Half canvas, nice wool suits for the mid $300s at FULL price is crazy rare. And the case can be made that out of everyone, they’ve had the best fall/winter line of 2021, from casual to dressed up stuff. The whole thing really has been impressive. Do remember that returns aren’t cheap. $15, unless it’s your first suit, sportcoat, or shoes purchase. They’re not some massive company, so shipping costs are a bit rougher on them. Code BF2021 runs clear through next Wednesday, 12/1.


J. Crew 40% off w/ SHOPEARLY

J. Crew menswear

Most of you guys already saw this, but for those who are just swinging through for the monster round-up, here’s J. Crew’s offer. For now. This thing ends Thanksgiving night, so, who knows what’s coming Friday. Full picks here.


Nike: Extra 20% off select w/ BLACKFRIDAY 

Nike sneakers and activewear

Nike’s product catalog is immense. Their sale section is just about never-ending, and 97% of it is… blah. Yes there are some gems in there, but holy moly there’s so much… much. Goon Squad Jersey/West Virginia Bucket Hat/Random High Top Golf Spikes. That stuff didn’t make the picks above. Good luck if you head over there and scroll through the entire thing. Code BLACKFRIDAY runs through Saturday 11/27.


Huckberry: Select Black Friday / Cyber Week Deals

This is a legitimate surprise. Not sure what’s gotten into Huckberry, but over the last few years they’ve ran some deals on Black Friday, but nothing quite this extensive in terms of selection. Maybe they’re one of the few places that actually HAS stock on hand, and they need to move it? It’s a select items sale. Pretty scattershot. Some items have more size selection than others.


FormFunctionForm: 25% off w/ FFFlashMe

Form Function Form

A quarter off the day before Thanksgiving. Quite generous from this made in the USA leather goods maker. Only a few exclusions (FFFolio, SimpliFFFy sale watches, Three-way women’s bag, etc). Ends 11/24/21 update: nope, got that wrong. It ends THANKSGIVING night, 11/25/21.


Nordstrom: Select Black Friday Deals + Price Matching

Okay Ultraboosts. There you are. Also worth keeping an eye on is their Price Matching section. That’s where they mark down regularly priced stuff that’s on sale at another brand/retailer, and someone calls it in. And thus, Nordstrom matches the price, but you still get their free shipping and free returns.


Bonobos: 30% off w/ friday30 (mon. 11/22 – sun. 11/28)

Bonobos menswear

So here’s the thing. Traditionally Bonobos has dropped their best offer of the year on Cyber Monday. They were founded online, and it’s a nod to that heritage (if anything related to the internet can yet qualify as “heritage”). And this 30% off sale ends Sunday. Will Cyber Monday be better? No idea. Major Bonobos fans probably won’t wait and risk losing out on their size, but some of us might be patient. One additional note: Their stretch washed chinos are excluded. Maybe that’s the Cyber Monday surprise? They include those? Total speculation there. Big thanks to Brandon D. for the tip on this one.


Jack Erwin: 20% off $150+ w/ THANKS21

Dress shoes/boots are made in Spain or Portugal, blake stitched, and they occupy that rare spot between “fashion” brands and Allen Edmonds. Head here for our shoe expert’s review of a pair of Jack Erwins (the Luke II Loafers) to get an idea as to what they’re about. A lot of us will stick with Allen Edmonds, but if you like a slimmer, more European looking profile, Jack Erwin could be the way to go with an eye towards affordability.


Timex: 30% off Select w/ BLACKFRIDAY30

Holy moly the American Documents collection is included?? That’s super rare. Those suckers are assembled in the USA from totally sourced American materials… aside from the Swiss Quartz movement. That, and they just look great. Also, 30% off is heftier than usual. Good. Very good.


adidas: “Up to” 50% off select Black Friday Deals

adidas sneakers and activewear

Runs through 11/27. Not sure if they have something in the works for Cyber Monday or not. Key words are “up to”. Don’t get excited and assume that means it’s 50% off across the board. Hardly. But some good deals to be had none the less for fans of the brand with three stripes.


Billy Reid: 20% off of $500, 30% off of $1,000, 40% off of $1,500 (some exclusions apply)

Billy Reid coats

The Pick: Bond Peacoat – $558.40 ($698)

Daniel Craig’s turn as Bond might be over, but the peacoat from Skyfall will live forever. Made in Portugal. Leather under collar. Real horn buttons. 75% Wool, 25% Polyamide melton wool.


Ledbury: 35% off just about everything


A rare opportunity to get a Ledbury shirt for a Nordstrom dress shirt price. At least, one of Nordy’s higher end dress shirts. Just a heads up that it appears they’re no longer stocking their fine twill dress shirts. Which is a downer. Loved those things, even WITH the massive cost. These Astor Poplin Shirts are nice, but know they seem to be made in China (at least the blue one I ordered not that long ago is), and the fabric doesn’t feel quite as nice as the old fine twills. Still a really really really nice dress shirt. And the collar and slightly lowered button placement is perfect for going without a tie. But yeah. Not quite as good as they used to be.


White’s Boots: Up to 25% off Semi-Annual Sale

White's Boots

Savings on both lifestyle boots AND the real-deal, built for loggers and firefighters and other folks who have their hands in the dirt. Both levels are great quality though. Goodyear welted and all thatWatch out for sizing/listen to their sizing advice on the site. Their lasts run large. Big thanks to John B. and Tom B. for the tips on this one.


Charles Tyrwhitt: 25% off w/ EARN

Charles Tyrwhitt menswear

Maybe not the best time pick up a shirt or two (because their oft-running multi buy deals and specials will drop their shirts in the $40ish range), but for a bigger piece like their excellent topcoats, or maybe a pair of Goodyear welted shoes? Sure thing. Runs clear through next Monday. Head here for our shoe expert’s review of those chelseas. Code EARN runs through Cyber Monday, 11/29.


Christopher Ward: 15% off w/ BLACKFRIDAYVIP

Christopher Ward C60 Trident Pro 600

Swiss made watches with great specs, minus the gargantuan big luxury jewelry store price tag. Still far from cheap. But these are watches that cost thousands less than the crown brand or the 007 brand. 60 day free returns, free international shipping, but do know that it seems like they use DHL (a lot? all the time?) and that can spell trouble if you don’t have an easy DHL manned location to drop a return off at. Also, sometimes they get hung up at customs coming and going.


Banana Republic Factory: 60% off almost everything

Banana Republic Factory menswear

Reminder: This is Factory. Not the mainline. Fabrics and finish won’t be as nice as regular BR stuff.


Black Lapel: 10% off one item w/ FRIDAY10 , 15% off two items w/ FRIDAY15 , 20% OFF 3 items w/ FRIDAY20

Black Lapel suits

For the hard to fit. This is one of those companies where you take a bunch of measurements at home, send in the numbers, and they then make a garment for you. Only these guys seem (to at least some of us) better than the rest. Head here for a full review of the Black Lapel experience. And if you’re a Black Lapel customer and you’re squinting at those prices going “wait, aren’t those a little high?” That’s because they are. A couple months back they raised their prices significantly. Thems be the times, though. Codes above are better than what you’ll find promoted on their site. You have to buy one less item with the codes shown above.


Todd Snyder: 25% off w/ BLACKFRIDAY25

Todd Snyder goods

Lots of exclusions. Lots. Also, clothes are pretty spendy. But that’s Mr. Snyder for you. Surprised those Danners are getting the discount.


Grant Stone: 25% off $400+ w/ BlackFriday2021

Grant Stone Boots and Goods

A high threshold for sure, but you CAN use accessories to trip the threshold. See above. Got all that? A little weird, but Grant Stone hardly ever runs sales. So any sort of discount is appreciated, even if you have to buy “more” to spend a little less than what you normally would. So while those Diesel boots are normally $360, they drop to $303 IF you get the horsehair brush, key-fob, and shoehorn. There are worse ways to save $57. Hope that makes some sense. Head here for a full review of those Crimson Diesel Boots.


Brooks Brothers: 25% off select full price, 2 1818 Suits for $1399, + bonus $25 eGift card for every $150 eGift Card purchased (max 5)

Brooks Brothers Suits

The Pick: TWO Made in the USA or Italy 1818 Suits = $1274* (normally $998 – $1198 per suit) (*but you have to buy five $150 eGift cards, individually, and then wait for their delivery to your inbox as well as the bonus $25 that comes with each of those 5 purchases)

It’s their annual gift card shenanigans. So this should stack. It requires some math, and buying a bunch of e-gift cards (maximum five per customer), but if you’re a big Brooks Brothers fan, this could shake down to some decent savings. But know that you have to buy each $150 gift card, individually. For example, you can’t buy $450 in eGift cards all at once and to expect $75 in free eGift cards. You have to buy three $150 eGift cards… and then wait for the delivery of the three individual bonus $25 eGift cards. Lotta hoops to jump through here. Lots.

Bottom line: For those that live in Brooks Brothers 1818 suits (made in Italy or the USA), you can drop the normally $900+ per suit price point down to $637 a pop. Here’s how:

Buy FIVE $150 gift cards, individually, and you’ll get FIVE $25 bonus gift cards with that haul (a total of $125 in bonus eGift card dollars). Use all of that with your two suit purchase, and that’ll knock the total, out the door price on two 1818 suits down to $1274, or, $637 a pop.

Good grief what a mess. Some of us will just stick to Spier or Suitsupply.


Also worth a mention:

  • J. Crew Factory: 50% off Entire Site + Extra 60% off Clearance w/ NOW
  • Mack Weldon: $25 off $125, $40 off $200, $60 off $300. Big thanks to Juan F. for the tip!
  • Rancourt: 15% off all non sale items w/ HOLIDAY21 (good through November 30th).
  • Club Monaco: Take 25% off everything w/ BLACKFRIDAY
  • Rhone: 20% off $150, 25% off $250, 30% off $300. Some exclusions apply though, like their tech-fabric button down commuter shirts.
  • Taylor Stitch: 20% off Sitewide, $20 Credit On Purchases Over $100.
  • Mizzen + Main: 30% off w/ THANKFUL
  • Aer Bags: 20% off w/ SAVE20. Seen these guys on Huckberry, but they’re having a sale direct through their site. Big thanks to Chris P. for the tip here, who swears by their lightness AND sturdiness, and says they could be best described as “the cool guy’s thrifty Tumi.”


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