Owen Wilson’s funniest moment in the Season 47 premiere of Saturday Night Live, which he hosted, came with his first appearance as Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. The cowboy hat-wearing billionaire, slouched in the captain’s chair of his very own Star Trek ship, says bro-ily to the camera: “Dude. Space is freakin’ awesome.”

Cue the dumb toothy grin.

In one of the premiere’s standout sketches, SNL pitched a new Star Trek series, “Star Trek: Ego Quest”. It’s a show about three asshole billionaires — along with “Bezos,” there’s Virgin’s Richard Branson (Alex Moffat) and Elon Musk (Mikey Day) — farting around in space for no particular reason. And yes, for Bezos specifically that happens in “a ship that looks like a penis.”

Also, Luke Wilson is here too, as “Jeff Bezos’ brother.” He doesn’t really do anything, but hey, another Wilson.


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