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Last week we recognized the Best Affordable Style of 2020, focusing on the top products pumped out by the retail establishment. This week we’re taking a look back at the best (at least what WE consider the best) of what Dappered had to offer in 2020. Not trying to toot our own horn here. Consider this more of an exercise in recognizing what was popular with the Dappered readers, so we continue to create informative content in the New Year. And by the way, to those Dappered readers: thanks.


Best Looking Affordable Men’s Outerwear – Fall/Winter 2020

Even though we’re in 2021, the season still qualifies as winter of 2020, so this post could still be useful. Most of us probably have our eye on exiting the cold weather so we have less risk of infecting each other until we get the pandemic under control, but until then we can appreciate the sartorial gifts that only cold weather can bring, and that of course includes outerwear. Now’s the time to use it.


Autumnal Temptation – The Best Looking New Fall 2020 Style Arrivals for Men

And before winter hit, we had fall. After a long, hot summer, looking to the offerings of the fall season can give you the pumpkin spice feels. This monster post published annually on Dappered is a fun way every year to embrace the season ahead.


In Review: Target’s Goodfellow & Co. Fall Roundup 2020

If you hadn’t noticed, we had a lot of great articles contributed by some talented guys this year, including Ryan N. (Stay tuned for a roundup of those contributors later this week.) Ryan took it upon himself to review the autumn crop of menswear from Target’s uber affordable Goodfellow & Co. line. There were some hits, there were some misses, and there were some must haves.


The Dappered Space: Cozy Home Picks for Guys

Look at that face. Resident Dappered dog Matilda begrudgingly posed for the above photo, which was the perfect introduction for some cozy home picks for guys. With COVID raging, it seemed like cozy was the buzzword of the fall, encouraging people to get comfortable and hunker down. This article offered some suggestions for doing just that.


BOURBON in 2020! – 7 Affordable bottles to vote onto your shelf

Contributor Jason P. put together a roundup of affordable bourbons to add to your home bar, which for a lot of people seemed to see quite a bit of action in 2021*. One of our most popular posts of the year, people were obviously looking for recommendations. From Wild Turkey to Blanton’s, Jason recommended 7 friendly bottles.


10 Affordable Rye Whiskies to Spice Up Your Holidays

Contributor Adam T. thought a list of recommended whiskeys should be added to the the list and came through just in time for the holidays, with a little help from a few elves. A resident of Tennessee, Adam has developed his whiskey palate and was able to recommend several affordable bottles, along with some higher end counterparts.

*A lot of folks drank a lot more than they normally would have in 2020. Hate to be a (literal) buzzkill, but alcohol use disorder is real, and it doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you. Your brain has just trained you in an effective habit to tune out stress for a while. But it can adversely affect your health and wellbeing. If you’re having a hard time not drinking, there are a lot of resources out there now that don’t follow the AA model, which works for some, but not all. Check out resources like This Naked Mind and Cutback Coach.


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