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What’s Dappered Threads? It’s our forum. Launched in 2011, Threads is a not too big, not too small, just-right-sized forum that doesn’t put up with snobbery. All thanks to the users and hardworking mods. Once a month, one of the users/mods from Threads provides us with a highlight package of the last few weeks.


The joy of wearing a nice, real nice, or extremenly nice watch

Omega Speedmaster on man's wrist

Reunited and it feels so good… thus are the sentiments from DocDave about putting his Omega Speedmaster back on after months of only wearing his Garmin Forerunner so he could be reminded to get up out of his seat while working from home. “I always knew in my heart of hearts that I wasn’t a smart watch guy, and wearing the Speedy pretty much confirmed this for me.” Turns out DocDave isn’t alone. Multiple Threads users share his sentiment. The Thread also leads into an interesting discussion about what makes a “nice” watch.


Best affordable side tab work pants/trousers?

And the Thread’s Reader’s Choice award goes to (awkward pause) Spier & Mackay! Threads user flatbear is in the market for some side-tab work pants/trousers, with an emphasis on affordability. The overwhelming response from fellow Threads users was the trousers from Spier and Mackay, but those are definitely above the hoped for cost of around $50 per pair. (Problem is, side tabs are sorta a fancy detail, so finding something that cheap is a hard ask). Geo had an interesting suggestion that he’s utilized before: buy some favorite, more affordable pants that are too long, have them hemmed and have the tailor use that extra fabric to sew in side-tabs (although he admits it would likely end up costing the same). CK83 pointed out that any pants plus a belt would be creeping towards the Spier price point. And one final observations, it sounds like some of you guys are keeping the lights on at Spier!


What shoes are you wearing today?

What shoes are you wearing today?

This ongoing thread is always fun to check in on. Of course there are a lot of shoes, but this thread also allows a peek into what’s going on personally with a few users. Like andrewrg’s sprained ankle. Oh noes! Or the spaniel belonging to TheJasonaissance. Surprisingly very few slides or slippers have shown up on the thread, despite a pandemic keeping us housebound more than we’ve ever been before. Looks like many of you have embraced enclothed cognition, and made efforts despite the weirdness that has been the past year and a half.


Breathable long-sleeve button down polo?

Man holding up hand wearing blazer and polo

Threads user Marc99 is in the market for a long-sleeved polo. But not just any long-sleeved polo. He wants it lightweight. He wants it breathable. He wants the collar to button down. He’s looking to wear it casually under a wool sweater in the winter months. Suggestions were made, but none fit the bill. For now Marc99 will stick to casual OCBD’s until perhaps Uniqlo makes a long-sleeved version of their Airism polo with a button down collar. If a polo comes to mind that checks off all the boxes, hop in the thread and let us know.


Wow – a style scenario I actually wear!

Menswear look

@tankerjohn, glad we could make your day bud.

Looking for some advice, direction, or just to connect with some cool guys? Perhaps you have a lead on that elusive long-sleeved polo? If so, then Head on over to Threads and take a spin around.


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