This project was an idea that I had developed with my wife. I wanted to do some sort of cool desert shoot since I lived out in the area, but I did not know what to do for awhile. After some time, inspiration hit and I came up with what you see in the photos. Beauty Hurts defines the project because the beauty side is the fashion, model, style, and nature; while the hurts part is the motive or gun which gives the photos a stronger or underlying story.

I came up with the idea for this shoot with my wife who is the model. I wanted to tell a story instead of having the images just be about looking pretty. We worked with some vintage clothes that we had in storage and took time to think about the location, props, wardrobe, location, etc. I was going for a modern desert outlaw kind of look.

I used my trusty old Canon camera, works like a charm giving me tac sharp images and a tele photo lens so I could blow out the background and focus on the subject. To do the project, I first planned it out, made a check list so I would not forget anything, the went to the loc to do the shoot. Pretty straight forward. Edited in Adobe Lightroom Classic. I took a total of about 55 photos, but was only really happy with 6. So the ones shown are my favorites.

From this project I learned it is worth it to take the time to plan out the photo shoots because the final results will be better. You see so many people finding pretty girls and putting them in pretty areas and taking photos. I did that at one point to because I thought that was what fashion photography was about. But, now with this project I see it is more that that. My new approach is to tell some kind of story. It is a lot more fun that way as well.

Hope you liked the shots! You can contact me for photography work or support by making a donation at: …. Thanks!

Brian Wangenheim

Brian Joseph Wangenheim is a multi-talented artist with skills in photography, web design, print design, SEO, marketing, video production and creative projects.


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