The fashion industry is always on the hunt for the next big thing; the trends that will help style to continually evolve. With regards to clothing, a huge shift in the tide appears to be a blurring of gender stereotypes, with Kid Cudi and Harry Styles, to name a couple, proving that gendered fashion is, in some circles, on its way out.

As for accessories, sunglasses specifically, we think Brazilian football star Dani Alves may be ushering in a new wave of sun protection.

Appearing at a press conference following his recent return to FC Barcelona, the Spanish club where he formerly played for between 2008 – 2016, one of the greatest right-backs of all time was spotted wearing some sunglasses that probably wouldn’t look out of place 1000 years from now.

They hail from VOA Collective, a new brand that has just released four pairs of sunglasses, which are described as “art pieces in the form of eyewear.” The four models are named after the Moons of Jupiter: Eurydome, Thebe, Themisto and Lysithea (Dani Alves is wearing Thebe).

Voa Collective describes €1,090 Thebe sunglasses as “the most special piece of the collection due to its multiple lenses that conform a futuristic shape that make Thebe unmistakeable.”

“Those who are on a mission to become a better version of themselves love Thebe.”

Not much is known about the company. V Magazine claims the sunglasses are “uniquely tailored by artisans in Japan,” yet are designed by an “anonymous creative director.” Futuristic design and a new way of establishing and presenting a company? It’s forward-thinking enough for us.

Dani Alves’ pair form part of the Season 01 collection (since it’s the first) but new collections are expected in the future.

Let’s just hope the 38-year old’s performance this season (he is allowed to start playing for Barcelona in January) matches up to his eyewear. Time will tell if bringing back an aging feel-good icon (and legend) proves a good choice for the Catalan club.

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