Now that Balenciaga has unlocked the doors to its Aoyama retail space again, it’s celebrating with the launch of a brand new apparel collection. The Spanish fashion house has uncovered its latest “Cut-Up Capsule” which merges a barrage of older logos into new articles of clothing.

Included in the assembly are hooded sweatshirts, long-sleeved tees and short-sleeved t-shirts, all of which are graced with a multi-logo Balenciaga spell-out across the chest. Each letter is unique and draws from past pieces such as the “@” logos, the campaign hoodies, the Eiffel Tower graphics, the copyright insignias and more.

What really makes these garments unique is the way in which it is put together. The overall shape of the hoodies and tees are essentially kept the same, but a natural layered look is brought to the forefront given that they have been sewn together between a blend of various apparel products. This causes the clothes to almost give off a soccer uniform-esque vibe since each individual section almost forms a stripe-like aesthetic.

In terms of colorways, the and short-sleeve tees and hoodies are stocked black and multicolor, while the long-sleeved shirts only come in black. Prices range from ¥70,000-¥130,000 (approx. $671-$1,247 USD). You can find them via Balenciaga Aoyama starting on January 29.

For more news, Balenciaga just unveiled Toy Logo beaded bracelet.

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