Why would you need to learn cell phone etiquette? In today’s world cell phones have become an integral part of our professional and personal lives, and it can be difficult to be efficient without them.

At the same time, however, excessive cell phone usage can easily be perceived as rude by most people.

How can you, a modern gentleman, use your cell phone and be polite about it?

Gentleman, today we’re going over some key tenets of basic cell phone etiquette that will help you along.


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Without further ado gents, let’s get into the basics of cell phone etiquette.


Don’t Use Your Phone When Having A Conversation

This one is easy – keep the phone away when you’re talking to somebody else. Believe it or not this includes any social situation, from paying up front with the cashier to talking to your co-worker or boss.

Make sure to give the other person your undivided attention.

texting in meetings

Courtesy applies to everyone, and cell phone etiquette is no exception. Using your phone like this conveys that the current conversation doesn’t matter to you and that your screen is more interesting.

Always be sure to show the other person the respect they deserve.


Be Smart – Pay Attention To Where You Are And Use Good Judgment

Even though it’s rude to talk and text in front of others, there are exceptions in every rule.

Maybe you’re expecting an important call from a babysitter, doctor, or your wife. No one should blame you for taking a call in these cases, but there’s still a right way to go about it.

Proper cell phone etiquette here would mean letting your party know beforehand that you’re expecting a serious call. When it comes in, simply excuse yourself and no harm will be done.


Mind The Location

Not sure when to use your phone at the DMV or at the theater? Different locales have different expectations for cell phone etiquette.

If you’re at the movies or a play, you should always keep your cell phone on vibrate – muted if possible. The sound of the vibration could still be disruptive in the silence of a theater.

Practice keeping your phone on mute by default.

Sights can be just as bad as sounds. Considering how long it takes for human eyes to get adjusted to the dark, imagine how irritating it would be to see a bright block of light show up a few rows down.

Such strictness doesn’t always apply though. If you’re at the waiting room of your DMV or your doctor’s office, then it’s perfectly fine to browse your phone and answer texts. While it’s fine to take calls, try to keep them brief and to the point.

In other words gents, always keep the locale in mind when it comes to your cell phone. The more of your attention is expected, the less you should pull out your phone.


Cell Phone Etiquette And The 10-Foot Rule

Say you get that emergency call you said you were waiting on and it’s time to step out.

Good cell phone etiquette is to put approximately 10 feet between you and the building or room you stepped away from. There’s no need to be exact, but the idea is to keep your call from being disruptive and vice versa.

Most of all, it’s a good way to keep your affairs private and keep others from knowing about your latest rash.


Avoid Vulgar Ringtones

Another straightforward tip, gents – keep your ringtones sensible.

Keep your phone’s volume at a medium or low level.

Avoid ringtones that use foul language or obnoxious noise. If you have a song you love that much, make sure it’s something you wouldn’t mind your mother hearing.


Think About What You Say And Post

Did you know that 57% of Americans seriously regret texts and social media posts? If good cell phone etiquette is about keeping a gentlemanly reputation, then this tip is key. Sure you can delete a social media post, but as long as it’s up it can cause damage.

Always consider the consequences of your posts.

Still, there are a few steps to take and consider to prevent a mishap.

If somebody offended you, don’t react right away. Step away, count to 30 and try to dissolve your negative emotions in order to come up with a positive reply – or none at all.

Try asking a friend for advice on what is appropriate to send.

Consider whether you’re making a valid contribution to the discussion or simply being rude.


Don’t Be A Fact-Checker

As cultured men, it can be frustrating when others show ignorance and don’t know all the facts.

Nevertheless, it’s bad cell phone etiquette to look up information on your phone for the sole purpose of correcting somebody else.

If you’re absolutely certain that somebody is wrong and can prove it without a phone, you can politely correct them. Otherwise, let it slide. Looking things up this way can reflect badly on you because it implies you didn’t know it either and are simply being malicious.

You can’t go wrong if you, the bigger man, opt not to humiliate others in public.

Cell phones and smartphones have come to play a big part in our daily lives. Without them, it can be difficult to keep a hold on your personal and professional life. Nevertheless, moderation is key in all things – and using proper cell phone etiquette means you can master this essential technology without it becoming an addiction.

Best of all, you can maintain your reputation as a modern gentleman.

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