Apple lays out its efforts to source gold responsibly


“Salmon to our people is absolutely the most important aspect of the whole environment,” says Allen Edzerza, a Tahltan Nation elder and advisor to the British Columbia First Nations Energy and Mining Council. “But … in the pursuit of the metals, you see big scars on the landscape.”


Add logging, urbanization, record wildfires and landslides in the region, and salmon runs don’t stand a chance. But RESOLVE, a nonprofit organization tackling some of the planet’s most critical challenges through innovative, unexpected partnerships, wants to fix that.

Their proposal: Combine re-mining with restoration to improve the streams and open them back up for salmon, grayling and other fish species to return.

The linked press release from Apple details partnerships that marry environmental restoration efforts to help compensate for the destructive effects of mining.

I can’t think of another company that does more to consider and offset the impact of its product creation on the environment. Props to Apple and their Supplier Responsibility program.

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