aoc dress met gala 2021 tax the rich

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t stop putting her money where her mouth is, just cuz she’s at one of the biggest and bougiest events of the year. She hit The Met Gala’s red carpet red carpet along with Brother Vellies designer Aurora James in a dress printed with “Tax the Rich.”

To which we say: hell yes! Amidst all the hoity-toitiness, it’s refreshing to see the scrappy, Bronx-born congresswoman living a lil bit of her political truth. It’s not terribly biting, but this is a welcome jab.

And given that she’s walking with James, the founder of the 15 Percent Pledge, you know AOC isn’t just dealing in shock value. “Tax the Rich” is practically a catchphrase for AOC, and it’s a damn good one.

Like her spiritual forebear, senator Bernie Sanders, AOC has no sympathy for the billionaire class (nor does anyone need any). Which is, again, refreshing, especially at a black-tie glamour-driven affair like the Met Gala.

At the end of the day, we don’t need anyone sticking up for the ultra-rich; we need people sticking it to the ultra-rich. Even if it’s a little poke here and there, it’s for the greater good. And how could anyone really disagree with the sentiment? Tax ’em!

Don’t get me wrong: AOC’s white, buttoned ‘fit is just a fun, cheeky prod in the side of snooty Met Gala culture and its star-studded red carpet, not necessarily a hard-edged political statement that’s meant to single-handedly upset the establishment, though you know that many pearls will be clutched by tomorrow morning.

But there is intent behind it, and even as a small symbol of resistance to “the man,” as it were, that’s worth something.

Between all the million-dollar duds and glittery, crystal-studded suits, AOC’s dress is, much like the politician herself, a breath of fresh air. Two thumbs up.


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