AMC announced that its games division will release its first video game in 2020. Airplane Mode was created in partnership with IFC to create a humorous simulation of being a passenger in coach on a six-hour commercial flight. The teaser trailer opens up with a scene from the 1902 film Le Voyage dans la Lune, before zooming out to show a first-person experience of sitting through flight announcements and looking out the airplane window.

“The game is as insightful as it is absurd; a meditation on life between destinations, and one that we will be proud to bring to players worldwide next year,” stated Clayton Neuman, VP of Gaming for AMC.

According to the press release, players can witness all the features of a real plane ride, such as turbulence, an introductory safety video (produced by IFC), controlling the overhead reading light and an in-flight meal. 

AMC will showcase a special build of the game during the charity fundraiser Desert Bus For Hope during a livestream on Tuesday, Nov 12. Created by developer Hosni Auji, Airplane Mode was inspired by the fundraiser’s eponymous game, Desert Bus, which offers a similar take on a mundane experience. The game is slated to launch on PC in 2020 with updated available on the website.

In other gaming news, Blizzard dropped the first gameplay trailer for Diablo 4.

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